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Leather Duffel Travel Bags

The 1000 miles Adventure Starts With Such a Reliable travel bag. HIGH ON LEATHER believes that packing wise is one of the most important aspects of the trip. That’s why from the day we unlocked our gates, we’ve been fascinated with manufacturing sturdy and appealing bags. Perhaps, more importantly, we are passionate about assisting you in selecting just the right luggage for your next trip.

Everyone loves traveling, but when it comes to the luggage, we're at a loss about what to do. When choosing a bag for your trip, several factors and circumstances must be taken into account. Although all of them are suitable for flying, some are more convenient than others depending on the circumstances. Don't worry if you're having trouble distinguishing between them. To familiarise yourself with the various styles of leather duffel bags, look through this collection!


Here are a few points to think about before selecting luggage, suitcases, and travel bags that are a better match for your needs.

  1. Length of journey: What is the duration of your trip? You would be able to cram everything into a small carry-on suitcase for a weekend trip. Based on the types of supplies you'll need to carry, you might want to buy rolling luggage for a longer escape.

  2. Modes of transportation: Will there be frequent layovers or will you be taking economical flights? Will you be taking the train or the bus? If you'll be traveling by rail, plane, or bus, you'll need a lightweight carry-on, wheeled suitcase, or even a backpack duffel that's easy to navigate and fits in the overhead compartments of cars, airlines, and buses.

  3. Type of travel: Will you be sleeping in a posh hotel or camping in isolated locations? The number and type of gear you'll need will vary depending on where you're going and how you're going. A commuter when out and about will like the lightest travel bag available, while those living in a hotel or hostel will be able to consider rolling baggage more quickly.

  4. Activities: What kinds of things are you doing, and what do you need to bring? If you're going to the beach and plan on bringing only swimming suits and sarongs, your luggage needs would be somewhat different than if you're going hiking and taking various means of transportation. In some cases, an inventive bag capable of withstanding dirt, fog, and being strapped to the roof of a bus is required, whilst in others, a flexible bag with a special wet compartment to store swimsuits and beach gear is required.

  5. Research: Check out our Travel Blog for packing organization tips and to get suggestions for what to carry on your next outing!


Throughout history, leather has been used to create a variety of products, with bags being one of the most common. Leather's appeal stems from its well-known consistency and longevity, as well as its timeless look.

Leather's durability and reliability make it ideal for use as a daily bag as well as luggage. Leather bags cover your belongings and are guaranteed to last a long time – natural leather is a rugged and sturdy substance with a lot of character that strengthens with age and can last decades.

Leather is a very flexible material, and leather bags come in a variety of shapes, colours, and styles to fit a variety of uses, ranging from travel to shopping. It's also a classic and trendy material that never goes out of style; for certain people, purchasing a genuine, high-quality leather bag almost acts as a sign of belonging or prestige because it seems elegant and costly.

Although it is essential to protect and clean the bag on a daily basis in order to preserve the leather's consistency, it is relatively simple to do so. To clear dirt and dust buildup, all you have to do is carefully wipe down the bag with a wet, moist rag. Alternatively, you may purchase a bag-specific substance as well as a conditioner to keep the bag supple and prevent it from drying out.

Leather is a porous substance that comes from animal skin with pores along the surface that absorb moisture, so it can never be fully waterproof until it has been treated, but it is also naturally water-resistant to the point where it will not be spoiled and water will not enter through to the lining if used during a light rain shower. This is particularly useful when using leather for bags because it makes them more versatile to use during the year.

Leather is one of the increasingly useful for bags and luggage because, in addition to being attractive and trendy, it is both functional and likely to last a long time.



    Leather Duffel Travel Bags

    You can feel the reliability of the Leather Duffle Bag in your hands. A must-have travel bag with a clean style is created using a weaving leather technique. The comfortable interior, which includes a side pocket for shoe storage, makes this the ideal companion for the long-awaited weekend getaway to the river or wine country.

    Simply hold the double handles or throw the elastic harness over your shoulder and head out the door. Don't worry about looking back; everything will be in place when you return. The Leather Duffle Bag, on the other hand, maybe the bag you pack when you embark on a journey to a new vista, a total change of scenery, or a mid-course correction to begin enjoying the life you've always desired.


    Leather Travel Backpack

    Classic, practical, and exclusive. The Leather Backpack ticks every box for day-to-day adventures. Premium leather and canvas combine to create the universal dual-strap bag, which combines excellent design with timeless elegance.
    With a laptop cover, sewn-in pouch with leather trim, and internal zipper pocket, the main compartment – which is supplemented by an easy-access external zipper pocket – provides an efficient storage configuration. If you're doing, wherever you're going, the bag will be there for you.


    Leather Rucksack

    In certain situations, a Leather Rucksack is ideal. Let's presume you just finished reading Young Men and Fire by Norman Maclean, a lesser-known classic. But you're so moved by the tale of the Smokejumpers that you plan to go to Montana and pay tribute to Mann Gulch, the location of "courage fighting for air" where those thirteen men died. You'll need to have a bag to put your belongings on the hike, one that will get you up or down the slope.

    Copper rivets, black buckles, and a secure place to store your laptop are all included in the Leather Rucksack. The waxed canvas protects your gear from the elements, whether you're on a day trip to Kabini or an overnight consultancy job in Mumbai, thanks to its vegetable-tanned leather trim and leather foundation.


    Leather Duffel Weekender

    A tough-as-nails weekender with limited hardware and plenty of room to hold anything you need for those three-day adventure windows. This antique leather case, made of full-grain leather and available in an aged oak color, exudes our commitment to quality. The Walker Weekend Bag looks forward to Fridays and dreads Mondays.


    When it comes to traveling, nothing beats a great suitcase! There are several different types of suitcases to pick from, but our personal preference is a hard case. A hard case suitcase covers things even more during travel than a soft case luggage. From carry-on to check-in, it proves to be very useful, and its longevity goes without saying. A suitcase isn't just a way to carry your belongings; it's also a fashion statement! What better way to stay ahead of the curve than with a Leather Suitcase?


    A rolltop desk was probably used by your grandparents. You'd roll up the top to find everything you wanted and more. Consider the Roll Top Backpack to be your grandfather's desk, tied to your back, infinitely smaller, and just as capable of carrying anything you need plus a few surprises.

    The Roll Top Backpack is expertly made from canvas and features a secure laptop compartment, interior pockets large enough for phones/chargers, and plenty of free space for anything from a rain jacket to your dog-eared copy of Iron John. Fill the car with everything you need, turn the top down, and jump confidently into whatever the day has in store. This is all you can handle.


    Distressed leather, torn denim, and sass to get through it all. The compact duffle bag is designed of full grain vegetable tanned leather with contrasting stitching, vintage finish zips, and hardware. It's also ideal for a day trip with friends!

    Leather Briefcase Travel

    With its handsome good looks and adequate storage space, the leather brief is the ideal business accessory. The leather briefcase has three key compartments, an accessories pocket for tiny pieces, and a locking zipper front panel. There is a leather shoulder band used, as well as an improved strap with heavy gauge metal and thicker padding. The light gloss leather finish adds an extra layer of stain resistance. Make yours one-of-a-kind with a monogram!


    Leather Trunk

    Travel trunks made of leather can be used to transport whatever items you have. Anything you use to travel or pack will be secure inside these super-strong trunks, from clothing to appliances. They're extremely common with deployed soldiers, summer campers, and college students who need their belongings transported by plane, delivered by UPS or FedEx or lugged around base or camp by hand. Additionally, if you are into style, then vintage leather trunks are the option for you as it is the epitome of old, royal and timeless charm. So, travel in Style!


    Leather Messenger Travel Bag

    A leather messenger bag/briefcase in a medium size that's well proportioned for today's travel needs. With a laptop/tablet compartment, two open pockets immediately under the flap, a zippered top opening to the main portion, a zippered inside pocket, and an inside phone pouch, this bag has smooth, clear lines. In the rear, there's an additional full-length zippered pocket for additional storage.

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