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All about Nubuck Leather

August 26, 2021

Perhaps you've heard of it; perhaps you haven't. If you are unfamiliar with leather, you may confuse Nubuck leather for something similar, such as suede. Various varieties of leather, on the other hand, have different traits and attributes. Nubuck leather is an excellent example. 
6 Best Soft Leather Handbags For Women

August 24, 2021

soft leather bags

Like best friends, girls and bags go hand in hand. Every lady requires a dependable handbag in which she can carry all of her belongings and move freely.

Thankfully, India has a wide range of leather purses for ladies that are both beautiful and practical. Let's take a look at some of the greatest leather handbags now.

All about Nappa Leather

August 22, 2021

According to Webster’s dictionary Napa Leather is defined as a soft, supple leather produced, esp. from sheepskin, by tawing.

Well, I would like to add more to it. 

Napa leather, or simply napa, is a soft, smooth leather made from the skins of various animals (aniline leather, semi aniline leather). It's a silky full grain leather.


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