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13 Best Leather Traveling Bags On A Budget (Affordable)

13 Best Leather Traveling Bags On A Budget (Affordable)

Are you weary of purchasing a new travel bag for each new destination? It appears that you are dissatisfied with the quality! Also, if you are a fashionista like me, you are disappointed with the bags you carry because they are carried by every third person!!

I won't mention names, but you know who I'm talking about. The Conventional Producers!

Everyone enjoys traveling, but when it comes to baggage, we're at a blank for what to do. A variety of elements and situations must be considered while selecting a bag for your vacation. Even though all of them are acceptable for flights, some are handier than others depending on the conditions. Don't be concerned if you can't tell them apart.

Leather's sturdiness and toughness make it ideal for use not just as luggage but also as a daily bag. Leather bags safeguard your belongings and are guaranteed to last a long time - real leather is a robust and resilient material with a lot of character that comes with experience and may endure for years.

Look through this collection to become acquainted with the many types of travel bags!

Things to keep in mind while choosing a travel bag.

Choosing the perfect travel bag can be super tricky! First off, you have so many options, and then comes the quality and sizes!

We all enjoy traveling, but when it comes to luggage, we're at a loss for what to do. Several aspects and situations must be considered while selecting a bag for your vacation. Even though all of them seem to be acceptable for flying, depending on the conditions, some are harder than others. Don't worry if you're having difficulties telling them apart.

Travel baggage is more than simply a bag to carry for a day or two; you obtain it to carry for the rest of your life. It makes no difference if you are 15 or 50. This is your best friend and a valuable asset in your daily life. Travel bags must be replaced on a regular basis since they are one of the most fashionable accessories, and new fashion bags are brought into the market on a regular basis. However, choosing the proper decision while purchasing a leather travel bag is critical.

Here are a few points to think about before selecting leather luggage, suitcases, and travel bags that are a better match for your needs.

1. Your travel destination

How long will your journey last? Everything would fit into a tiny carry-on suitcase for a weekend getaway. Depending on the sort of goods you'll need to bring, you might wish to invest in rolling baggage for a longer trip. Will you have numerous layovers or will you be flying low-cost flights?

Are you going to take the train or the bus? If you're going by train, aircraft, or bus, you'll need a lightweight carry-on, wheeled luggage, or even a backpack duffel that's easy to manage and fits in automobile, airline, and bus overhead compartments. Will you be staying in a luxury hotel or camping in remote areas?

Trust me! All these questions will play a huge role in your Buying Decision.

2. Is it waterproof?

Everyone carries expensive goods in their luggage, such as laptop computers, iPads, and other technological devices. Even the books and diaries included within our important. You should always verify the waterproofness of your bag before purchasing it, living in a rainy location.

3. Quality

The other most essential factor to consider when purchasing a leather travel bag is the bag's craftsmanship and sewing style. The sewing quality on some bags is subpar. To purchase a bag for your vacation plans, it is important to read the buyer's review or inspect the quality of the material and everything within the back. The most vital aspect is reliability.

4. Additional Features

When purchasing a leather travel bag, always look for extra features in the bag. Traveling luggage necessitates a lot of room. If you want to make it more helpful, look for added features and pockets that allow you to fit more stuff and personnel in the bag.

5. Does this bag resonate with you in terms of convenience?

If you are considering purchasing a leather travel bag, you should examine the space inside the rear as well as all of the little spaces in the shape of front and side pockets. Traveling bags should have that to retain the greatest amount of material in the bag while not making it appear too large to maintain a decent image. Determine which bag is best for you based on your needs.

6. Functionality

Another key factor to consider when purchasing a travel bag is functionality since you do not want to be carrying a hefty bag all of the time. Check the heaviness of the bag, since you will be carrying it with you all the time and do not want to become fatigued from carrying it.

7. Budget

Lastly, how much is too much for a Leather Travel Bag? If you buy an inexpensive bag, do you have to compromise with quality?

That’s when we, High On Leather come in with the 7 best affordable leather bags, that is head-turner, reliable, and premium quality leather.

7 Affordable Leather Travelling Bag:


Do you require a new leather duffle bag? This leather duffel bag is handcrafted by some of the world's greatest craftspeople. Our finest duffel bag, designed and manufactured from Brown Goat Leather to turn heads, can accommodate whatever you'll ever need inside.

Notonly does the bag look great and fit everything you need, but Excellent On Leather has a full-size variety of these top-quality duffel bags that will last a lifetime. We offer what you're searching for in 18", 20", and 24" sizes. It includes one front pocket, two additional large zip compartments on each side, and one adjustable shoulder strap. It also features sturdy carry handles on the top.

This is a must-have for every wanderlust soul!


We both like traveling on weekends, and his Holdall Bag is always with us. A versatile bag that serves us not only for travel but also as a sports bag due to its durability. We just moved to a new location, and it came in useful for picking up fragile items. It certainly fits with our busy and adventurous lifestyle.

Speaking about the quality - well, Goat Leather is the most stretchable leather one could find. It will last a lifetime, and on top of everything, it is sturdy. I am not going to bore you with the additional features that our bags have. So, features like a front pocket, adjustable shoulder strap are a given for all our Leather Travel Bags.

What can I say, we make products keeping ourselves in your shoes!


Made from premium full-grain cowhide leather, this brown-colored bag is constructed to last and styled to be used and worn every day by our experienced artisans. This army-style duffle bag is inspired by previous versions of military duffles that were made of genuine leather rather than nylon.

Some are even employed in the US military today since this version is a little more up-to-date and, perhaps, far more stylish. This vintage duffel bag is made from 100 percent vegetable-tanned leather and is necessary if you want a beautiful bag that will last a lifetime. Want to feel the adventurous rush like Indiana Jones, this one’s the pick for you.

Don’t get me wrong, you guys get hair cuts inspired by famous cricketers, actors every time! Why not your travel bag is inspired by their look too?


Leather duffel for guys is a must-have in every man's wardrobe since it is uniquely made for fashionistas, is correctly proportioned, and is reasonably priced. Men's leather duffel bag is created with extreme accuracy, and artisans take extra care to ensure that it matches your lifestyle and compliments your personality. Whatever the occasion, these finest duffel bags will fit easily in the passenger seat or sling over your shoulder.

Our duffels are fashionable, distressed, and useful for a variety of uses, like transporting items to the gym and traveling. The completely lined interior and beautiful silver-tone fittings over pure goat leather will keep this bag at the top of your list for a long time. This type of bag has been most commonly seen on Mexican gangsters in movies, giving the persona a rugged appearance (remember Zorro?).


Do you spend a lot of time traveling on the weekends? If so, this Antique Duffle is essential. You will never be confused again when it comes to selecting a carrier for your vacation things. This bag is an excellent companion for short excursions. Prepare to be complimented on your decision by passersby. This tough brown Duffle is constructed of Premium Full Grain Cowhide, which produces the finest lather on the market. It has one front pocket and two extra pockets on each side to carry little items that require rapid access. And the handcrafted Full Grain Leather ensures that it will match your style for nearly a decade.


Whether you're going to the gym or going on a weekend trip, you'll need the best big Goat leather bag to hold your belongings. Discover a plethora of trendy men's purses and backpacks with deep enough pockets, robust belts, and large interiors for all of your customized leather bag purchases. Discover an intriguing design in a subtle and sophisticated color for the office or one that incorporates strong designs or even playful hues that will stand out on an airport's baggage claim carousel.


Our classic Large Leather Satchel is a fashionable alternative to the usual tote bag. It's a little bit structured, a little bit slouches. Shop unique leather satchel products from hundreds of huge leather briefcases available inspired by the traditional vintage brown leather school bag. Leather briefcases for 17" laptops are excellent for females who desire a functional accessory. The big laptop bag can easily hold most computers, making it a suitable alternative to the more formal handcrafted leather Satchels.

I'm proud to mention that this bag has 8 storage compartments and pockets! So you can imagine how much you can pack for your trip!

8. Dark Brown Leather Holdall

Dark Brown Leather Holdall

This bag is a sign of elegance. The sturdy and antique look of the bag is straightforward. The bag's design is highly functional. The bag is quite lightweight and very easy to carry around.

This holdall is handcrafted by skilled artisans. This holdall is suitable for small outings, even though it is a multifunctional holdall.

9. Tan Brown Leather Duffel Bag

Tan Leather Duffel Bags Cheap

Bring that 007 class on you with this tan-brown leather duffel bag. This bag is classy in appearance. The design is very functional as it has many compartments to store your essentials just like bond.

The bag is handmade and made by the best artisans in the country that are in the leather business for over a decade. The bag is multifunctional and can be used anywhere.

10. High-End Leather Duffel Bag

Affordable Leather Duffel Mens

Best bag for short vacations and fast gateways. Duffels are very famous for their multifunctionality, so is this. With an aesthetic design, this bag is eye candy. The structure of this bag is very sturdy.

On top of that, it is handmade. At this price point, you know this is the best deal when you are getting everything under the same roof.

11. Binson Leather Duffel Bag

Binson Leather Duffel Bag

In spite of the rough appearance, this look has become the trend now. The vintage has become the new modern look in almost every field. This bag is multifunctional and can be used in workplaces but also for vacations.

The bag is handcrafted and each leather duffel bag in this collection is made of high-quality leather, which makes them all stand out.

12. Leather Army Duffel Bag

Leather Army Duffel Bag

This is one of the best large leather handbags as it contains various pockets and can even fit your entire mini cupboard inside. The army look on this bag just looks fantastic. On top of that, the leather bag is handmade by the best artisans who are leading the leather game.

Its versatility allows you to adjust the smaller handles and detach the longer strap if it’s not needed. To know more about this artifice visit us!

13. Genuine Leather Duffel Bag

Leather Duffel Cheap Prices

This durable masterpiece will withstand all the wear and tear of daily life owing to its sturdiness and durability. ON GOD. At this affordable price this leather bag is the best, you can find on the market.

The versatility of this bag will make you use this leather duffle use on multiple occasions. From meetings to vacations. You can do it all. With the handiest compartment, this bag is very functional and one of a kind.

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