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I am durable.

I am as elegant as a Lady of Victorian era.

I am chic.

I suit all lifestyles, be it the paleothilic age or the modern age.

I am timeless.

The more I grow old, the more beaten I look and beaten is the new trend.

I am strong and powerful.

I have an intoxicating smell.

One can’t imagine a rock concert without me.

I am flexible.

I am resistant to fungi, water, dust and abrasions.

I am one of the favourite fabrics.

I am eco-friendly.

I have many colours, types and palettes.

Guess who I am?

Guess! Guess! Guess!

Oh yes! You got it right!! It’s me –LEATHER.

It was an easy riddle to solve wasn’t it?

Because leather is one of your favourite too.

Anything that is made out of leather signifies power, quality and appreciation of elegance. One of the most sought after product of this famed and yearned for material is leather bag. Leather bags are bookmarked by people for a multitude of occasions, be it for adventure sport or a Porsche party or a casual shopping or a graceful dinner.

Leather bags have been in use since time immemorial though it’s manufacturing style and method has evolved over time. 

A rising argument is to use synthetic bags over leather bags. This so-called animal-friendly Pleather A.K.A Vegan Leather is a haphazard suggestion as synthetic bags are usually made of vinyl substances. Vinyl is non-biodegradable. It affects the livestock adversely, causes air and water pollution and harms environment in general. On the other hand leather is natural and hence biodegradable (Sorry P.E.T.A). Therefore, leather puts down the accusation that fashion is not eco-friendly. It is exactly a scenario where a person starts using plastic table instead of wooden table to save trees. It is very hard to recycle a product like plastic.

High On Leather adopts this strategy in making leather bags. To add a cherry on top , the company uses vegetable tanning over chemical also known as mineral tanning. Mineral tannin contains chromium that is found to be carcinogenic to Homo sapiens. It also imposes ill-effects on mother earth and other earthlings.

Vegetable tanning uses natural tannins obtained from tree barks. The most commonly used tannins are from oak trees, hemlock, mangrove and a dozen others. The leather is stretched over a frame and tanned for several weeks. Sustainable developers use such schema to prevent putrefaction of leather in a harmless manner.

So leather lovers, fear not. Go give life to a dead hide and life to your style.

Cruelty Free Leather Products

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