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What Type of Leather You Should Choose For Your Leather Bag?

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Yes, we do understand the confusion. So many amazing looking bags with so many amazing pics with great looking models. Its gets really confusing when it comes to choosing a leather bag. The major confusion comes into place when it comes to choosing what kind of leather to go for. Well, we are here to help with that.

High On Leather bag collection majorly consists of 3 kinds Leather material.

Goat Leather Duffel

1. Goat Leather Bags-

When we say goat leather, people mind usually turn towards all those amazon or thrift store leather bags that they purchased in very cheap quality which did not last very long. Well, this is where High On Leather draws a line.

Our goat leather collection is vegetable tanned without any use of chemicals, but not only that, we have our separate tanneries where they are made to last. 


Unfortunately, there are some manufacturers and companies who sell poor quality satchels and bags made from low quality leather at very high cost which has created this idea, and this can be the case with if you buy from these sellers. Its basically down to the tanning process. Poorly tanned leather of any sort can carry an odor - largely an overly strong leather/earthy or even acrid smell which doesn't appeal to some people.

High On Leather however, ensure that our bags undergo the best possible practices from start to finish - beginning with making sure our hides are all individually hand picked for quality, not bought in bulk. We then have all the hides washed up to 6 times, before tanning. Only then are they tanned professionally to a high standard. We can assure you, unlike our competitors, our bags will only smell beautifully of real leather.

Not only that it comes with a very strong canvas lining inside the bag and the straps which makes it last longer than usual goat leather bags.

Pros Of Goat Leather Bags - 

  • Cheaper in Prices.
  • Vintage Look.
  • Lightest Leather Bag in Weight
  • Soft and Supple.
  • Water Resistant.

Cons of Goat Leather Bags -

  • Lasts less than Cowhide Bags.
  • Average Age : 3-6 Years (Depends on usage)
  • Stretches a little with age.
  • Low Resistance
  • Lil Scratches and Marks to it. (due to markings/cuts on goat skin)



Full Grain Leather Messenger

 2. Full Grain Cowhide:

Well, this collection is something we are really proud of. Our hiking backpack is being used by many customers and bloggers since the launch and it still looks the same. Other than being the cool look to it, they are something lasts for very long.

Everyone knows most about cowhide as they are used in most of the leather shoes, jackets, gloves, etc. One thing that makes our leather bags different from other brands is the use of Vegetable Tanned Full Grain Leather. (For more differences about Full Grain, Genuine Leather and top grain visit here.)

Pros Of Cowhide Leather Bags:

  • Rugged Look to it.
  • Long Lasting 
  • Average Age : 10-15 Years (Depends on Usage)
  • No Leather Smell.
  • Leather Lining Inside.
  • No Scratches

Cons of Cowhide Leather Bags:

  • A little heavier than Goat Leather Bags.
  • Higher in Price than goat leather. (Not to competitors prices)


Full Grain Leather Duffel

3. Premium Full Grain Leather :

Well, this is officially not a category of leather. This category is created by us in order to explain why some of our bags are more expensive than our regular bags.

This premium full grain leather category contains our Leather Military Duffel which is nominated strongest leather duffel by US Military Blog, Saddle Leather Briefcase which is made of saddle leather also one of the strongest leather around and few other buffalo leather bags.

The reason it comes in premium category is because they are known for their strength and apparently can last for life. These bags ages gracefully and looks absolutely amazing while carrying.

Pros of Premium Full Grain Leather Bags: 

  • Strong And Rugged Look
  • Really Strong
  • Amazing finish to the goods.
  • Last for a lifetime
  • Water resistant
  • Average Age: 30 Years or above (Depends on usage)
  • Leather Lining Inside.
  • No Scratches

Cons Of Premium Full Grain Leather Bags:

  • A little heavier than cowhide (Depends on size)
  • Higher Price than Full Grain Cowhide Bags. (not to the other brands who are selling bags of similar quality).


(Authored and fact checked by SEO Singh.)



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