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Best mens duffel 2021

13 Best Men’s Leather Duffle Bags For 2023! (Updated)

9 best men’s leather duffel bags for 2021!

With 2021 right around the corner, we had to talk about this!

The best leather duffle bags for 2021!

The year 2021 has been quite a rollercoaster and has completely redefined the world as we see it. Not to mention, the fashion we see today had also changed drastically and what used to be a fashion statement pre-2021 is maybe a disaster now.

No worries, we are here to help you pick the best leather duffle bags for you for the new year. Keeping our fingers crossed for this one.

Picking a duffle bag can be a tough choice for many, with so many available in the market right now. First of all, you must always pick a leather duffle bag. It’ll take you everywhere and will last you for quite a long time. Since duffle bags are usually used to carry heavy things, leather is the only material that can make it more durable. Not to mention men’s leather duffle bags go with literally everything. Even women can carry it. It’s extremely versatile. A leather briefcase is generally pretty expensive and has a luxurious touch to it. This makes it even more special and your bag doesn’t even have to be a branded one to feel like a premium one. Leather speaks for itself. With its extraordinary expensive feel, durability, and flexibility with every outfit, leather duffel bags are undoubtedly the only one to choose.

Today, we have summarized a list of 9 men’s leather duffle bags for you which are simply the best ones for you to choose from.



Our military-style leather duffle bag is a modern travel staple, designed for reliability and flexibility. You'll have plenty of space for clothing, toiletries, and other essentials if you're going on a week-long vacation or a weekend getaway. The top strap can be unclipped to expose a large opening, or the side zipper can be used to easily pack and retrieve personal items during your journey.

The leather military duffel bag is a 24” duffel bag made out of the best leather and designed by experts especially for men and to best suit their needs. This duffle bag flawlessly mimics an old-fashioned accessory however also fits in just fine with the modern-day world and its fashion. Not only does it has an old-fashioned appeal to it, but its design also has an army-style approach to it, which makes it even more unique. It’s an extremely durable bag and if once bought, it’ll last you a lifetime.

Until clipping the strap to the case, add a padlock to the top hardware for added protection. You have two travel choices with this military-style leather duffle bag: a robust top handle and a relaxed long shoulder harness. With our optional second leather shoulder harness, you can transform your duffle bag into a backpack.

The bag retails for USD $198.00/- with free shipping worldwide.



Our best Duffle bag is an important piece of unisex luggage for those looking for a chic weekend or overnight bag, combining classic sophistication with rugged practicality. Our classic duffle features a black cotton lining and wonderfully supple full grain leather on the main body. A front zipped pocket for fast access to your essentials, an inside zipped pocket, and a removable and adjustable shoulder strap with extra padding for convenience are among the other specifications.

As the name suggests. This is indeed the best leather duffle bag and does its job the best. The bag comes in 3 different sizes, 18, 20, and 24 inches each and they are specially designed to have sufficient space in it for all your stuff. This bag is best suited for traveling and is a high-performance bag that can survive through ages and your entire lifetime. The leather undoubtedly gives it durability but so does its unique design. It is an antique bag for the vintage collectors out there and it’s always ready to travel with its owner.

This travel-friendly leather duffle bag retails between USD $130/- to USD $150/- depending on its size with free shipping worldwide.



The Leather Holdall 24" in Vintage Brown Leather is perfect for anyone looking for a truly classic and functional luggage item. Our Classic Holdall, made of goat leather and equipped with a detachable padded shoulder harness, luggage tag, pockets, and buckle, is perfect for on-the-go professionals and frequent travelers alike.

Leather Holdall 24” is one of the best travel duffle bags to accompany us to our favorite holiday destination, or to our favorite vacation. Regardless, this one is our best travel duffle leather bag which suits us not just for our travels and vacations but also our sports events. It can make a great sports bag owing to its sturdy and tough leather which is really hard to penetrate through. Its premium design calls out to us to make it our travel companion. Simple brass hardware fixtures and zips bring a bit of relaxed luxe to the Vintage Brown leather, which was dyed with natural vegetable extracts.

This travel-friendly, multipurpose leather duffle bag for men retails at the price of USD $137/-



It doesn’t matter if you travel regularly or spontaneously every once in a while, the brown leather travel duffel bag is for you! This bag is a perfect one for a passionate traveler or just any traveler at all. Anyone who plans to be on a move, this bag is their perfect companion. This brown leather duffel bag does not compromise with your style and fashion owing to its uniquely appealing design, specially designed by experts to suit an individual’s travel needs in the best way possible.

Call it your travel companion, pack it full of your belongings, and get ready to embark on your adventure. Since it is made of full-grain cowhide leather, its durability will help you to pack your whole wardrobe. It stands out from the crowd because of its rustic appearance. Simply zip it off and you're about to fly in style.

This duffel bag is designed specifically for travel and has pockets all over it. Your belongings will be kept secure thanks to the soft internal fabric. You can depend on its durability because it is made of stainless steel and is sewn with thick industrial thread.

This spacious yet stylish travel bag retails for USD $149/- with free shipping worldwide.



The leather gym duffel bag is designed in a way to make you experience the feels of a cylindrical-shaped leather boxing/gym bag. This Gym duffel bag for men is made out of tough materials and leather, in sync with the latest style and fashion, and completely flexible and versatile to carry. It might just make a perfect gift for a gym freak, except that it won’t be something they can box with. Or maybe they can? Since the bag is made out of extremely tough leather and other tough materials to ensure its long-term durability.

If not a gift, you can get this duffle bag for yourself and something that you can be sure of is, it’ll always come in handy for your travel plans and make you cherish its presence in your life. Goat leather is used to make our brown color leather workout duffle bag. It has a front pocket and two side pockets, suitable for your towel or sipper! It also has a single flexible shoulder strap and top carry handle for easy loading.

This cylindrical leather gym duffel bag retails for USD $117/- with free shipping worldwide.



The handmade leather duffle bag is an excellent example of a functional and fashionable duffle bag; chic enough for the office but robust enough for the wilderness. The bag's mad goat leather is sturdy and wear-resistant, and the interior is lined with soft canvas. This leather duffle bag is unique or rather special since it is handcrafted and manufactured by some of the expert designers and manufacturers, uniquely designed to serve all the traveling bag needs of an individual.

It is well crafted with extremely strong materials which ensure its durability and its unique design never lets it go out of style. This appealing handmade leather duffle bag will make you want to plan trips just so you could flaunt it. The leather comes in a variety of brown tones, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your tastes. The leather-tipped zipper protects your belongings while also enhancing the bag's beauty and functionality.

This special one retails for USD $137/- with free shipping worldwide.



Introducing the Leather Duffle Bag, a brand new travel bag with a convenient shoe compartment, a key central compartment with plenty of room for all your overnight necessities, and a wide exterior pocket for certain things you need access to quickly when traveling.

Unlike the gym duffel bag, this one is specially designed to serve our fashion freaks. This highly stylish and durable duffle bag is a perfect size to fulfill all your travel needs and is quite a decent price for such a stylish bag made out of leather. This one is a handcrafted one too and manufactured with utmost care and precision to fit your lifestyle. Not to mention, it completely enhances your outfit even after being a duffel bag. This classic bag will always fit your shoulders no matter what the occasion is.

Brown goat leather bag with detachable shoulder harness, one large inside zip pocket, two open internal pockets, rough reinforced foundation, external zip pocket, large external leather compartment with buckle snap fastenings, and side space for shoes.

This fashionable one retails for USD $140/- with free shipping worldwide.



We've got everyone's dream vintage duffle bag right here. This antique duffle bag is made of leather and has one wide pocket with a zip pocket to hold smaller items organized off to the left. One front pocket for easy access and keeping the most relevant items close at hand. This leather bag is one of our most opulent, but it is still one of the hardest and most robust old duffle bags available.

As the name suggests, this retro leather duffle bag is a 22-inch vintage duffel bag with a canvas lining bound to make you feel like you’re living in the 60s.

This Leather duffle bag gives a luxurious feel but still retails at the cost of only USD $132/- with free shipping worldwide.



A designer duffel bag cum luggage which extremely durable yet fashionable and can possibly never go out of style. If you're looking for a sturdy and chic designer luggage duffel bag, look no further than this great weekend getaway in Indiana Jones wear.

The real leather duffel bag includes two completely lined and very nice alternate purses, one on either side, for your phone and other small items.This retro-style duffel bag has a supportive shoulder strap with a versatile function and top handles.

This fantastic weekender Indiana Jones leather duffel bag retails only at the price of USD $122/- with free shipping worldwide.

10. Leather Army Duffel Bag

Leather Army Duffel Bag

Quite versatile and fully functional to use, this leather duffle bag can be your go-to for everything. Easy to commute with, it has a lightweight design that allows you to carry your stuff without adding the weight of your bags on it.

With a classy design, this bag is worth spending your money on.

11. Genuine Leather Travel Duffel

Leather Duffel Affordable Travel

With a sturdy and distressed look, this duffel bag is a sign of elegance. Made with quality full-grain cowhide available in the market, now you know these articles are special.

With that vintage look, it always wins appeal at the first glance itself. We know you are a leather enthusiast and this will suit your taste too!

12. Binson Leather Travel Duffel

Our customers love the design of this duffel bag. Antique-looking one-of-a-kind leather bag that you will ever see. Handcrafted and made with top-quality full-grain buffalo leather.

A fully functional leather bag featured several handy pouches. Excellent for frequent travelers, commuters, or anybody who is frequently on the go or heading to work.

13. Dark Brown Leather Holdall

Dark Brown Leather Duffel

Multi-functional leather holdall that can be used on any occasion. Quite versatile with a pocket-friendly price point. With amazing built quality, this leather holdall has an amazing structure. The leather is wrinkle-free and made with long-lasting materials.

The quality is smooth. It features a one-of-a-kind design and a long lifespan. To know more about the product visit the URL.

Checkout an amazing collection of leather duffel bags for men at High On Leather

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