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5 Best Minimalist Plain Leather Backpacks

December 19, 2019

First Backpacks Ever

When it comes to active professionals, students or any people casually moving around, ‘backpacks’ are so-called the most ‘popular’. The first accepted design dates back to 1878 by Henry Merriam, also called a knapsack, in which Merriam tried to design it with a wooden frame and a soft canvas rucksack.


Giveaway - 3 Leather Messenger Bags

December 14, 2019

Plain Leather Messenger Bag

I know it took us a Long Time but here we are with a new Giveaway. Amazing opportunity to win yourself a Christmas gift. Not only that, we will be launching a Giveaway every month every time we launch a new bag.

What Makes Leather Bags So Expensive?

November 26, 2019

Leather Bags Expensive

The last two decades have marked the up-rise of innumerable competitive brands, surpassing each other in several features and services. With the brand psychology increasingly percolating in the brains of the common man, few still prefer clinging on to the cheaper versions. In this we will see what makes people go crazy after a successful brand, and what makes these brands so unimaginably expensive.

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