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Things To Lookout Before Buying A Leather Backpack

7 Things To Lookout Before Buying A Leather Backpack

Thousands of people get duped into buying products made of cheaper skin that are chemically treated to look better. Are you spending hundreds of dollars to feel like you're running your hands over plastic?

Ever since bulk production has come into existence, the leather industry has changed drastically. To reduce costs, and raise margins some manufacturers use synthetic materials for their leather goods. 

Many people don't even realize that they buy corrected leather in the name of full-grain or top-grain leather goods. This leather type has become famous to finesse people into making the leather product look attractive.

No doubt leather is considered a durable material but is it that durable to outlive its warranty claims? Making a leather purchase can be your best investment. An investment that will last for decades. 

Investing hundreds of dollars in a phony leather bag is everybody's nightmare. But don't worry, we are there to guide you and bust some industry secrets that nobody told you about the leather industry.

We have brought you 7 things to look out for when you make your next leather purchase. Followed by them, a few tricks to maintain your leather goods. 

1. Good Leather Will Have Natural Uneven Patterns

The above lines say it all!

A real leather good will always have uneven patterns on it. This shows the leather is made from real animal hide as there are quite a few irregularities on the surface. When you run your hands over the bag it should not feel like plastic. 

Generally, people like to take the bend test with their leather bags. If the leather bends evenly then it can be said that the leather is genuine. Usually, fake leather does not bend evenly and gets cracked when you do so.

That does not mean the leather bend test is universal for every product. Leather shoes have thick leather and can break when bent. Even among good leather, lower-quality leather can feel stiff. 

Do You Know? - Just because it is easy to clean, that doesn't mean the leather is genuine. Most fake leather bags are easy to clean as they are laminated with synthetic chemicals that do not allow water to penetrate through the material. 

2. Look Out For a Label That Says 100%

Does this trick really work? There are hundreds of fake leather goods in the market that have 100% pure tags on them. To differentiate the leather quality by its tag you need to check for certain things.

Always make sure the brand has some popularity, such brands would never sell you a fake leather good to spoil their market image. Second, research before you buy, and surf before you swipe. Get a fair idea of the prices of different leather types in the market this will keep you confident while bargaining for a good product, 

3. Good Leather Absorbs Water To A Degree

Leather Backpack Water Resistant

There's a myth in the market that LEATHER IS WATER-RESISTANT. Well, the answer to this is both YES & NO. No genuine leather good maker would laminate his/her precious leather sheets with synthetic chemicals. 

Every leather product in today's market is waxed to make it water-resistant. No one would want a leather bag that is vulnerable to water. That's why always prefer full-grain leather products, these are very much more water-resistant than other leather types. 

Quick tip! - Neatsfoot oil, lanolin, and mink oil are best for softening your leather. All of these are natural oils that moisturize the leather, keeping it from drying and cracking.

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4. Prefer A Natural Leather Look & Feel

Things To Lookout Before Buying Leather Backpacks

Still, touch the material before you make a purchase, If at all possible. Remember, real leather is a natural material, so when you run your fingers on the surface, it won’t feel smooth.

5. Smell

Everybody loves the pleasant smell of veg-tanned leather. You can easily figure out fake leather by the way it smells. The natural scent can't be directly reproduced. Real leather always smells‘ tough’ indeed if it's treated while fake leather always smells plastic or synthetic. 

6. Price

One of the most debatable factors. PRICE! FAKE IS CHEAP!

Markets have become quite saturated to the point where even fake leather bags have prices touching the sky. One quick tip for you all. Always go for a leather bag that does not exceed your budget line. Also, keep in mind your budget will play the most part. 

Never fall for leather bags that seem very shiny and are the same price as genuine ones. Make sure you are also reading our other blogs so you know more about leather and get the best deals from us!

7. Vulnerable to scratches and stains

If your leather bag is fake it is bound to catch scratches. The fake material is more vulnerable to catching scratches because of the poor built quality. That is why people suggest animal hides that would work for a long time. 

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