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What's a Weekend bag or weekender?

A weekend bag, also known as a weekender bag or a weekend case, is a piece of luggage that’s the perfect size for a weekend trip. Weekend bags are generally soft-sided, water-resistant, and equipped with shoulder straps. They're generally small enough to use as a carry-on bag too.

Extensively regarded as adaptable pieces of luggage, our weekender bags combine the galore space of a duffle bag with the functional design rudiments of a gym bag. Weekender bags generally feature a malleable shoulder swatch and binary-carry handles to snare your bag at baggage claim fluently.

Who makes the best leather weekend bags?

Where can I find the best leather weekender?

Probably the most searched phrase for people that are looking to buy quality leather goods. At HOL you will find a wide range of weekender bags that you would adore. Every bag in the shop is handcrafted by skilled artisans that are pros in the leather industry.

The leather used to make these bags are also very high-quality. They are super functional and quite easy to carry around.

How big should a weekend bag be?

Leather Weekender

A weekend bag is generally roughly17.5 elevations long and 8.75 elevations wide. further compact than a heavy-duty wheeled duffle bag, an overnight bag should be just large enough to hold all your rudiments for a weekend flight. We design our weekend bags with a smart storehouse in mind. But don’t let their slim shape fool you.

Keep an eye out for crucial features like dual carry handles, malleable and removable crossbody strips, and slip pockets to pierce your rudiments. Besides their compact size, weekender bags are the ultimate carry-on. Invest in a bag that’s equipped with ample storehouse, functional design rudiments, and great featherlight construction.

7 Best Leather Weekender Bags For Men!

1. Leather Army Duffle BagLeather Army Duffle Bag

First on the list is this leather army duffle bag. Inspired by the traditional army style, this leather duffle is a must-have for every individual who loves traveling. It is a traditional military-style inspired bag.

This is fully functional and since it is small, you can fit under the seats without too much trouble. Also, the padded shoulder strap that you can attach makes your trip even more comfortable. This one is what you wanted, and you got it.

2. High-end Leather Duffel BagHigh-end Leather Duffel Bag

This leather duffel bag is big enough to hold all your things. The main compartment has a lot of space, and the interior pocket is a great place for small items.

This high-end leather masterpiece has a zipper on the top and a zippered pocket on the inside to make it easy to get to small things. This bag can also be folded up when it’s not being used to save space. It sounds great, so you can do it. It’s one of the best duffel bags for women and men to use when traveling.

3. Tan Brown Leather Duffel Bag

What can be more fantastic than a super-luxe leather bag that is dark brown? The brown color has been an all-time favorite for all of our customers. Words won't do justice when we talk about this bag.

This bag is handcrafted and made with the best quality full-grain leather. The bag has got ample space to store your every essential.

4. Crazy Horse Leather BackpackCrazy Horse Leather Backpack

Defining art might be tough, but with this bag, your creativity has no limits. Stay up to the minute with this saddle brown color leather bag that will change your entire office look.

The zippered front pocket is a good place to keep things you need to get to quickly. Water-resistant polyester fabric, so you shouldn’t have any problems with it.

5. Large Mens Leather BackpackLarge Mens Leather Backpack

With simple and superb looks this brown leather messenger has to be on your wishlist. The brown looks very wonderful on this backpack. The entire built quality is sturdy and the structure is also supreme.

This bag has a high-quality double zipper, high-quality metal fittings, and a metal hook. It is great for traveling, camping, and business. Gives you a great experience all around, which is why you should buy it.

6. Leather Gym Duffel BagLeather Gym Duffel Bag

The color is what makes you want these bags even more. The light brown color on this bag has got so many customers of ours crazy behind it. This timeless beauty will look even better as it will age over time.

The compartments are very accessible and easy to use. The structure of this bag is solid and very lightweight. If you really want to step up your. Looks in office do opt for this one.

7. Full Grain Leather Duffel

Full Grain Leather Duffel

Super classy looking with the elegant touch of handmade artistry over this artifice is just another level of beauty. It’s the perfect bag because it has a padded handle and can be stretched out.

This bag is just right for you because it can be used for many different things and comes in an alluring color. This is exactly what you need to buy.

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