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How Long Can A Leather Briefcase Last?

How Long Can A Leather Briefcase Last?

Getting straight to the answer, a good quality leather briefcase would last for decades. Though it also depends on the animal leather, grain of leather and tanning quality as well. And where can yourself a leather briefcase that would last long? Follow us through the blog and learn some unknown facts about the leather industry.

In general, leather is the most durable material on this planet. Even the average quality leather lasts for 3 years. Leather luggage is considered an investment as the correct leather bag would yield significant returns and would last long.


There are plenty of factors to debate upon. Every leather type has its own distinct properties. Every leather type is known for its own style and look. When you talk about durability, each leather type's durability is going to be different.


Goat leather Briefcase -

Goat Leather Briefcase Age

Goat leather comes in very few leather hides that deliver a luxe experience overall. Goatskin leather is more durable than a few leather types. As a result, goatskin jackets, thrills, and other products continue to look great after a long time.

Goat leather is very economical. This animal hide has an exquisite texture to it. apart from being water-resistant the look and feel of this bag I very classy. Also maintaining this leather is not a daunting job. Goat hide usually stays around for 4-8 years

Cowhide Leather Briefcase -

Cowhide Leather Briefcase

Cowhide leather is the swish quality of leather available and multitudinous environmental delegates regard the grade of leather produced also to climate and conditions. Probably the most durable leather kind in this industry. A lot of premium leather brands make use of cowhide. Usually, cowhide is more durable than goat leather, it lasts for more than 10-15 years.

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About full grain leather

Full Grain Leather

Probably the most searched leather kind on this planet. Everybody loves the look and durability of full-grain leather. This grade/type of leather is flawless in each and every aspect of it. This leather has got several features that are jaw-dropping. Firstly, this leather is not cheap.

Manufacturers try to keep it real when dealing with this piece of luxury. This leather is probably the best breathable leather you will find on the market.

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How to protect a leather briefcase?

Keep it simple. Leather is meant to be used. These bags are crafted for heavy duty.

But still, there are a few tips that we can spare for our lovely customers.

  1. Keep leather away from direct sunlight as this can cause fading of the color
  2. Avoid using plastic bags, they prevent good ventilation, make sure you store them in a cloth safety bag.
  3. Don't iron goat/cow leather
  4. Always keep your leather goods in the case that the manufacturer gives you.

How to tell if a briefcase is a genuine leather?

Genuine leather commonly does not last as long or look as befitting as high-quality leather. You will generally find it in belts from boardwalk stores, shoes from lower-priced department stores, and bags or other goods in the lower price range.

Where can you buy a long-lasting leather briefcase?

Just trust HOL. HOL has been in the business for a while delivering millions of happy customers their very own premium leather goods. HOL believes in providing the best products at a budget-friendly rate.

Every HOL product is handmade and crafted with love. Every single product in the store is handcrafted by skilled artisans from villages. HOL has always promoted real skill by giving real talents the opportunity that they deserve and making the leather industry more sustainable.

Our Top 3 leather briefcases

1. Full Grain Leather Briefcase

Leather Briefcase Which Lasts

First on our list is this alluring tan brown leather briefcase that will step up your entire office look. This leather briefcase is equipped with full-grain leather and a classy shine to it.

You can easily carry your laptops and notebooks for work and classes without any hassle. This can be a go-to bag for small meetings and travelings.

2. Leather Satchel Backpack

Leather Briefcase Ages

The way this bag looks it's just elegant. For a working professional, this bag would suit the most. The built quality and the structure of this bag are very distinct. This chic leather bag has a nice brown color to it that gives away a nice rustic yet classy look.

3. Men's Tan Leather Briefcase

Leather Briefcase For men

Why not step up your style at work too? There is absolutely every reason for you to look stylish. With the alluring-looking saddle brown color, this bag has been the favorite of our customers. To them, it takes them to Hogwarts.

Checkout Our Collection Of Long Last Leather Briefcase.

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