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Leather Bags That Lasts A Lifetime

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Bags are something that shouldn't be compromised on quality and style. No matter, if you’re a guy or a girl, bags are loved by everyone. But if you find it difficult to find high-quality bags that last longer and also don’t compromise on style then Goat Skin Leather Bag is worth buying. Normally, cowhide bags aka saddle bags do last longer but the hard leather used in its manufacturing develops cracks with time. Very few people know that goat leather bags not only last lifetime but also don’t develop cracks over the years. You won’t be able to judge the age of the bag by seeing it. Goat Skin Leather Bags stay soft throughout and ironically, the more scratches, the bag will have, more beautiful it will become.

This piece is primarily about the benefits of Goat Leather. Goat Leather is highly preferable for bags (and other things like jackets, belts etc.) instead of cowhide leather.

There are plenty of benefits that are provided with Goat Leather and not other kinds of leather. These include:

  1. Goatskin leather is durable and stylish for bags. The leather is soft and pliable i.e. last longer and remains intact over the years.
  2. Goatskin leather is thinner and supple than cowhide leather so it is highly water resistant.
  3. Being durable, goatskin leather becomes more beautiful when scratches appear on it.

However, before buying goatskin leather accessories including bags, jackets, there is plethora of things to be considered.

Check whether the leather has come from adult goat or kid goat: First thing to consider when picking goatskin leather is whether it has come from adult goat or kid goat. Baby goat, generally, has soft skin due to which it is considered best to make leather gloves. Alternatively, leather from adult goat is harder than baby goat but relatively softer than cow leather so it is considered best for jackets, bags etc.

Determine the grade of goatskin leather: Second thing to consider is to determine the grade of goatskin leather. There are different grades of goatskin leather including bonded goat leather, split grain leather, top grain leather, full grain leather and standard grain leather. The cheapest one is bonded goat leather which is less durable as compare to other grade of goatskin leather. The best goatskin leather is full grain goatskin leather which is highly durable. The grade of the goatskin leather must be chosen as per the budget and preference. Be careful when you make your choice.

Craftsmanship of goatskin leather: It is believed that goatskin leather can make the best bag or jacket if the craftsmanship is excellent. So try and be careful with the craftsmanship. If the quality isn’t good then you may end up wasting your money.

These are some of the pointers to be considered when making a choice between goatskin leather and other leather.  We’re sure that you will never want to compromise on your style and quality and also remain in your budget. So make SMART choices.

Overall, bags with goatskin leather is intended to last over the years and can all kind of beatings.

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August 09, 2015

Thank you, Ishmeet, for a very informative and well written blog. We at Moroccan Sunset (New Zealand) have been importing Leather goods from Morocco from our own workshop, and others in and around Marrakech for 4 years. We like to keep our customers well-informed so we now have more knowledge to share. There is not alot of positive information out there about organically tanned leather so I am thrilled to find your blogs!

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