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12 Best Rustic Leather Bags for 2023

Vintage Leather Bags

What is Rustic Leather?

Rustic is real originality, with the feeling of nubuck and the appearance of no such leather. Fine European hides are finished in a rich base color until the organic pebbles texture peaks are hand-sanded to offer the leather a distinct distressed aspect and a soft sumptuous touch. Rustic provides any design, from a vintage-inspired lodge to even the most contemporary of rooms, a weathered and inviting vibe.

Products made of rustic leather have a vintage look to them. It has distinct characteristics, such as wrinkles, scratches, and other flaws, contributing to its aged aspect and giving it a classic aspect.

Why do people prefer rustic and vintage leather goods?

Retro Vintage Bags

The pure simplicity of RUSTIC is part of its simple brilliance. And sincerity. The brown tone is a traditional color that is associated with leather that has developed a wonderful texture. In reality, it has the appearance of a patina that would ordinarily form with the passage of time. That is, it appears to have already lived a nice life.

The natural brown color has a really pleasing feel to it. RUSTIC is soft and sturdy, and it's simple to envisage it on a variety of briefcases, backpacks, duffles, and other items. Each skin, affectionately known as a "bare" leather, is one-of-a-kind. RUSTIC also has the benefit of changing color according to the amount of light it is exposed to, the climatic circumstances, and how it is used. As a consequence, the leather has a very natural, earthy feel with a specific character, which is represented in the patina that occurs, making the leather softer with time.

3 Best Rustic Leather Briefcase!


Rustic Leather Satchel

When you're not sure where the day will lead you, the 13" is the perfect bag. It's large enough to hold everything you need but compact enough to be a purse. If you're often hoping you had a little bit more storage for your favorite book and shades on a warm summer day, the 13" is the bag for you.

Put this satchel on your shoulder and go about your business in elegance. This beauty is uncommon, so going away without it would be seductive once you had it. Because it is made of goat leather, there are no restrictions on what you may put within. The lengthy adjustable strap will also give a lot of comforts.

For a prepared purse, add a leather belt to our "Indiana Jones satchel." Indiana Jones' satchel is essentially a remnant from a previous era. Although Indiana Jones travels the globe in the mid to late 1930s, his shoulder bag is from the mid-1940s! With our renowned leather strap, these antique leather satchels are available for men.


Leather Satchel Vintage

Do you have a habit of carrying a lot of things around with you? The huge leather briefcase 17" is not for fainthearted. It is meant to carry all of the equipment a modern professional may require. This leather briefcase is made from the best brown goat leather and is ideal for individuals who want a large storage bag. There's enough room for numerous 17-inch computers, as well as tablets, papers, paperwork, cables, chargers, books, pencils, and just about everything else, an executive may need.

The leather satchel has plenty of capacity for everything you'll need and, more importantly, keeps everything organized. You'll know it's built to last since it's made of extra-thick, fashionable leather and has a comfortable shoulder strap.


Saddle Leather Bags

It's simple to carry your world if you have this briefcase, which you may call your own portable cupboard. No, don't be concerned about the restriction; it's sturdy and constructed of full-grain leather, so you may stuff it with as many everyday necessities as you like. This one's style may be worn with either a professional or a cool casual outfit.

A saddle leather briefcase is one of the greatest bags to buy since it is tailored to match your various demands. The bag is durable and attractive thanks to the saddle leather. The saddleback bag has several sections to help you organize your belongings, including a large main compartment, two external side pockets, one external rear pocket, and two inner pockets for mobile phones or pens. Anything from a pen to a laptop may be neatly stored and easily accessible. The long-lasting texture is among the reasons why the saddle Leather Briefcase is such a great choice this season.

3 Best Rustic Leather Messenger bags!


Vintage Leather Messenger

Both men and women will love our Vintage Brown Leather Messenger Bag. It may be used to keep your laptop for business or as a school book bag. This 100% goat leather Vintage Messenger is handcrafted and naturally tanned, with three inside pockets suitable for dividing folders, notebooks, or documents for an outstanding organization.

Important belongings are kept safe in the two zipped pockets, and the whole flap cover closes with magnetic buttons. This leather cross-body bag's detachable strap can be adjusted up to 55 inches, making it versatile and convenient.

The Messenger's goat leather matures well, with the markings on its skin revealing numerous stories. Its sturdiness is unquestionable. This bag is ideal for regular travelers, commuters, or anybody who is always on the road or heading to work.


Best Leather Messenger

It's small, yet it can hold a world, and that's a thing of beauty. Its design and appearance are appropriate for both formal and casual occasions. It is made of full-grain cowhide leather, which allows you to carry large objects with ease. Simply drape it over your shoulder and flaunt your fashion statement.

With all these measurements and an external front side pocket, you'll have plenty of room to keep your essentials close at hand. Your laptop will be protected in the hands of the inside laptop sleeve protection. Its zippers are dependably reliable for smooth glide and access. Without a doubt, the robust industrial thread utilized in its construction contributes to its long-term endurance.


Leather Crossbody Messenger Small

This season, treat yourself to a Full Grain cowhide leather iPad bag to keep your iPad safe and protected. The leather crossbody bag is made with excellent technical skills and has conveniently accessible zippers. Maintain your iPad safe and secure in your leather iPad case.

One exterior rear zippered pocket, one interior walled zipped pocket, and one internal walled item are all included in the bag. You may conveniently store your little goods in these compartments to prevent them from being lost. This bag will become one of your favorites since it is useful and has a flexible design that works well in the workplace as well as when traveling, and it is really pleasant.It can contain a lot while maintaining a comfortable and attractive profile, and you can get to anything you need fast.

3 Best Rustic Leather Backpacks and Rucksacks!


    Rustic Leather Backpack

    Our leather hiking bag is the exception, and every hiker will like it. Our leather hiking backpack is ideal whether you're going on a long hike or on a getaway. All of your essentials may be stored in one huge interior pocket. Aside from that, there are three front side compartments on the outside and an internal walled zipper section on the inside. You may wear it over your shoulder, carry it by the top handle, or use both of the detachable shoulder straps. Overall, this damaged bag has a lovely old and rustic appearance.


    Vintage Leather Backpack

    This lovely satchel backpack has a fully lined main pocket that is also quite big, split by two partitions for easy storage and organizing. The main compartment of the handbag has a lot of room for you to carry all you need, whether it's your laptop, books, camping gear, or anything else. This purse exemplifies why goat leather is some of the most gorgeous leather on the planet. This bag not only exemplifies superb artistry but also demonstrates how strong goat leather is and how long it can survive.


    Rustic Vintage Leather Backpack
    This Men's backpack is the greatest alternative you can select today if you're seeking an appealing and budget-friendly present idea for guys. This handcrafted finest leather backpack, created using superior enrichment, oil, and preservation techniques, may endure up to 40 years. This leather bag is suitable for all your travel needs and may even join you on your next business trip.

    This leather backpack holds all of your essentials, including your laptop, iPad, chargers, cables, and accessories, as well as your favorite sweatshirt. For your little yet necessary belongings, it has one exterior front side zipped pocket, one side zipped pocket, a spacious interior section, and more. These spacious pockets are made of high-quality fabrics and are conveniently accessible. They may be used to store your passport or ticket for your next trip. It has two leather shoulder straps that can be adjusted, as well as an exterior top-side leather handle that makes traveling more comfortable. With this men's backpack, carrying additional weight on the road is a breeze. This vintage-style bag is constructed of full-grain leather, which adds not only stars to its beauty but also years to its lifespan. It has a smooth, welcoming inside canvas lining that improves its usage.

    3 Best Rustic Leather Duffel bags and Holdalls!


      Vintage Leather Duffel Bag

      Do you require a new leather duffle bag? This leather duffel bag is handcrafted by some of the world's most talented craftspeople. Our greatest duffel bag is designed and constructed to turn heads and will accommodate everything you'll ever need inside. Not only will the bag look fantastic and fit everything you need, but High On Leather also has a large selection of these high-quality duffel bags that will last a long time. We offer what you're searching for in sizes of 18", 20", and 24". We offer a wide selection of premium baggage duffels in store. These bags are incredibly robust and have a lovely aesthetic, making them an excellent choice for frequent travelers.


      Leather Duffel Retro

      We've got everyone's favorite vintage duffel bag right here. This vintage duffle bag is made of leather and has one main compartment with a zip pocket to keep smaller items organized off to the side. One front pocket for easy access and keeping the most crucial items close to hand. This leather bag is one of our most opulent, however, it is also one of the hardest and most durable vintage duffle bags available.


      Full Grain Leather Duffel

      Do you spend a lot of your weekends traveling? Then you'll want to get your hands on this Vintage Duffle. You'll never be confused about which carrier to use for your holiday casual items again. This bag is ideal for short excursions. Prepare to have strangers compliment you on your pick. This tough brown duffle is constructed of Premium Full Grain Cowhide, the finest leather available on the market. One front pocket and two extra pockets on either side are provided to hold tiny items that require rapid access. And the handcrafted Full Grain Leather ensures that it will last at least a decade.

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