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What is crossgrain leather?

By now, we have come across many leather types, and we love to educate our readers more about leather. Today we have a different hide type that is called cross-grain leather. Cross Grain leather is an embossed leather that helps hide the defects of the natural hide.

With a more distinct touch and feel this leather type is rarely used on luxury products. The majority of brands let the leather imperfection marks stay to bring more authenticity to the article.

With its stiff and rigid built quality, cross-grain leather can be a great material if you are looking for durability. But sometimes it does have poor standard quality leather. It has irregular grain composition and runs diagonally across the surface.

Is cross-grain leather real leather?

Crossgrain Leather


Though it has different grain touch to it. Cross-grain leather is more affordable and a little pocket friendly. There are pros and cons of having a cross-grained leather good. When we talk about real leather, what do we expect?

We expect the leather to be durable, water-resistant, have a rich platina, and feel good. Since we don't expect way too much, let's take a look at what cross-leather offers. The look of the hide is kinda rigid. The feel of the hide is a little unpleasant and not as durable as you would expect. Talking more about cross-grain leather, let's compare it with pebbled leather.

Crossgrain leather vs. Pebbled Leather

Pebbled Leather Vs. Crossgrain Leather

Generally speaking, both of these leather types have a very good reputation for quality and design. Every product/material has its own flaws. Today we will compare both of these leather types to help you choose one.

Both the leathers defaulted or were an imperfect form of leather. Because I like the soft texture of it, they are very desirable. Talking about pebbled first. Pebbled leatheris definitely the better one since it is more organic and has a natural pebbled texture to it as opposed to the grain leather in which texture is imprinted through machines.

The cross-grain leather it is stronger, and of better quality. The cross-grain leather is a type of hiding that is made in a particular way to have a raised effect masking the imperfections that are present on the animal hide, from which it is obtained. They are named “pebble” look which is attractive in nature. The touch and feel of the leather are magical.

How to clean Cross-grain leather?

(one-stop solution)

Since we were unaware how to clean cross grain leather . You need to diminish them before they spoil your bag that is home to your essentials.

  • Soft brush
  • Mild soap solution
  • Spray bottle
  • Tissues

Start by spattering the stained area as soon as possible with a clean, dry cloth or towel. You want to absorb as much of the liquid as possible.

Once you have removed the redundant liquid, you should also spot the stained area with a damp cloth or towel using warm water only.

Start at the outside of the stain and work inwards. This will stop the stain from spreading outwards.

As ahead, you should also do to dab the stained area with a dry cloth or towel to absorb any left-over water or cleanser.

No way rub the stained area as this can beget the stain to spread.

Your bag is ready to dry in a warm room. Don't apply heat directly to the stained area as this can set the stain.

You can totally trust this process, as our leather goods are made from the best raw material. We naturally tan our leather sheets which maintains the color of this good for ages.

Is crossgrain leather hard or soft?

The feel of cross-grain leather is not as smooth as full-grain. The feel is very bumpy and sometimes rough. There is some easy trick to distinguish cross leather. First of all, the price, real leather accessories have very expensive prices, precisely because of the quality of the materials used.

The smell and quality of the grain of the materials is another identifying element of real leather: an original bag smells, and presents imperfections on the surface.

How is vegetable leather better than crossgrain leather?

When we say our leather is vegetable tanned, we mean that we use the traditional way of tanning our leather. Leather has been used for ages. Today's modern machinery has come up with the ability to mass-produce leather.

Talking about cross-grain leather. We went through every detail of cross-grain leather. You would be running into these scenarios when you will own a cross-grain leather. This hidden type is only made for its looks. The feel of the leather is also very bumpy and imperfect. This is mainly because of one reason, these hides are tanned with the help of chemicals.

Our vegetable-tanned leather is truly one-of-a-kind. Our vegetable tanned leather has a very distinct smell to it. There are no chemical or toxic elements in vegetable-tanned leather that make it eco-friendly and hence expensive. When our leather ages it gets better like a whiskey. Its feels and durability are top-notch with a rich patina that gets better with use.

Checkout our collection of vegetable tanned leather bags.

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