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11 Best Leather Briefcases On A Budget 2023 (Updated Review)

11 Best Leather Briefcases On A Budget 2023 (Updated Review)

Leather briefcase on budget

Leather is such a substance that is adored by many for its durability and its flexibility. It is prepared with tanning animal skins and many different animals have been used to make leather generation after generations. When shopping for leather we all look for certain features and qualities.

What defines the best leather briefcase?

So you need a high-quality briefcase?

What would you expect in your ideal leather briefcase?

What all can you get at a particular price point?

Guys when we talk about high-quality leather goods, the more the expectations are the higher the price of the leather goods will be. Well, what if we told you we could give all of the factors mentioned below at a reasonable price point.

high-quality leather briefcases are very easy to find when you know what aspects to look for. We will break it down for you in this article. So let's not waste more time and dive straight into it.

1. Leather used

Always ask for the leather used in a particular leather good. Make sure your leather bag is built from leather that is veg-tanned. NOW, WHY VEG-TANNED? Well, Vegetable-tanned leather is made using a unique process that makes the power of a natural tan look.

Always make sure your leather bag is made from real organic leather because a lot of phony manufacturers sell faux leather by just giving it a nice smell and look.

  1. Stitching.

When we talk about durability, stitching is the main component, Check through all of the stitching and see if it’s well done. If it seems sloppy and untrustworthy just forget about it.

You want the best bag you can get your hands on you don’t have time to mess around with sloppy stitching that’s going to make your bag fall apart in less than 6 months.

Don’t be afraid to touch around and to feel out if everything’s at the shop at once.

  1. Look

It’s time for looks!

When you are sure about the above two-point, this point will not be an issue. When you are buying a veg-tanned leather briefcase, you know these bags are gonna outlast everything on this planet.

Always look for bags that have a distressed look. Distressed look indicates the quality of the bag. As these high quality leather bags would age they get better with time.

  1. Spacious

You know it’s a durable bag, you know it has enough pockets, you know that your laptop will fit in it, and you know it’s good leather.

  1. Price

First would be the price, it's most obvious that no real leather-making company would sell their expensive leather sheets for a dime. Look our for pricey tags and If it says ‘genuine leather’ or ‘100% real leather’ go ahead, because a real leather bag is always a pricey game and you won’t find something too reasonable,

What makes our leather briefcases more affordable?

We believe that our customers shall get the best quality leather briefcase on this planet. As people are steadily moving towards handmade products.

SO WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT OUR LEATHER. Our leather goods are made from traditional ways of leather production. There are no chemicals used and everything on the line is done neatly.

There is no scope imperfections too when our bags are made by skilled artisans that are very well versed with the leather industry and are working for over a decade.

How much do genuine leather briefcases usually cost?

It takes at least 28 to 60 days to make, which is part of the reason why vegetable-tanned leather only makes up roughly 10% of all leather available today. We have a wide range of leather bags our range starts from 400$ to 1000$

At this price point no leather company is providing these many features. All of these bags are made by experts and can last for years. Overall as a final note, we would like to say that these leather pieces arent just piece of luggage, the do carry art with them. Try them and check if you can rock them.

Leather is again categorised into different types depending on its basic grains and qualities. But often leather is very expensive and it is not important to always prefer the branded leather briefcases to get the durability, flexibility and looks.



We often seek for elegance and this briefcase gives us the touch of sophistication. While shopping for a leather briefcase we not only look for something that will only fit into our professional life but also into our personal life, hence this is just not your professional life companion but you can also pack your stuff in this and go for a vacation or picnic.

The quality that is most attractive in this briefcase is its space . This feature will compel you to call it a wardrobe. The bag consists of one interior walled pocket and two interior walled items respectively. Most importantly you can style the bag according to your preferences, you can hang it on your shoulder or carry it on your hand with a stylish handle.

The color of this bag is going to make you feel very stylish and superior. Coming to durability, it is definitely going to surpass your expectations as it is made up of full grain cowhide leather. Therefore, it is going to last for a very long time.

Typical features of this bag includes two interior walled item, phone, wallet slot, made with quality easy glide & easy access metal zippers, leather and canvas adjustable shoulder strap, durable polyester fabric interior is lining, dimensions- 15.5(L) * 3.93(W) * 11.22(H), one centered topside handbag handle, professionally distressed with superb enrichment techniques for everlasting usage, constructed with heavy industrial thread for supreme quality and durability, color is brown.



This is a leather briefcase with a style and toughness. This is made up of goat leather and can hold all your essentials. This is very easy to carry, you can just style it by pulling over your shoulder.

This briefcase has that rough lived feeling which you will love. The bag consists of three Internal compartments making the bag extra secure. Carry your daily necessities and essentials of your business meetings in this versatile, stylish and genuine leather briefcase.

This is that leather briefcase you have been looking for that is going to enhance your confidence. The typical qualities include 3 internal compartments, made up of goat leather, dimensions: 11(H) * 15(W) * 4(D), Briefcase Handle on Top, Adjustable Strap with Max Length 55 Inches, 2 Zippered Pockets on the internal walls of the bag, middle compartment walls are cushioned to keep the laptop



This bag is the perfect place for your camera where your camera will be protected along with its essentials from every weather. The vintage look gives a touch of sophistication. You can carry your art creator in this stylish and safe Vintage leather camera bag.

This bag will also help you give a style statement when you walk wearing it. It is a must own briefcase on budget who are passionate about photography. The typical features of this bag includes one zipper pocket on front side, 1 Big pocket on the internal back wall, 1 Big Front Pocket, made up of goat leather, removable padding for camera body and lenses with 4 adjustable sections, Dimensions: 12(H) * 16(W) * 6(D). The color is Brown.



This briefcase is made specially for medical professionals without going bulky. This bag is very handy and light. The sophisticated look of this bag compliments the professionals.

This is carefully handcrafted in genuine leather. The typical qualities of this bag includes 2 Internal Compartments, 2 Zippered pockets on the internal walls of the bag, 1 Adjustable strap with Max Length 55 Inches, Briefcase Handle on Top, made up of leather goat, Dimensions: 10(H) * 15(W) * 6(D). The cooler is brown.



This is made up of goat leather and the beauty of this briefcase is rare. The style of the briefcase is very antique. It is very spacious and consists of long straps which are adjustable. It looks vintage and is available with our popular leather strap.

The typical features of this briefcase includes 2 Zippered Pockets on the internal walls of the bag, adjustable Strap with Max Length 55 Inches, dimensions: 13 (L) * 10(H) * 4(D), 3 Internal Compartments, middle compartment walls are cushioned to keep the laptop. It is made up of goat leather. The color of the briefcase is brown.



This backpack is made up of goat leather. It is designed uniquely and looks very fashionable. This vintage leather satchel has been inspired by old school backpacks. It is made with vegetable oil coating and tough Goat Hide leather. It has backpack straps and an adjustable cross body shoulder strap.

The typical quality of this bag includes 3 Internal Compartments, middle compartment walls are cushioned to keep the laptop, 2 zippered Pockets on the internal walls of the bag, adjustable strap with Max Length 55 Inches, can be used both as a shoulder strap as well as backstrap, Dimensions: 12(H) * 16(W) * 5(D), 1 front Pocket. The color is brown.



This luxury briefcase is a perfect combination of style and elegance. It is spacious enough to keep your laptop, notebooks and other essential items nicely. It is durable and you can hang it on your shoulder or style it by carrying it on your hand according to your preferences.

The typical features of this bag includes double slide latch behind front buckles, two classic buckle locks, two large front double-gusset pockets, cell phone pocket, leather Laptop pocket, leather: Full Grain Cowhide Leather, dimensions: 13(H) * 16.5(W) * 5(D). The color is brown.



This leather briefcase is handmade by the expert group using the finest quality leather. When you look for an affordable and versatile leather briefcase, this is the perfect one to satisfy you. This looks professional yet very functional.

The typical features of this bag include dimensions: 12.5(H) * 16(W) * 4(D), 1 front Pocket, 3 Internal Compartments, middle compartment walls are cushioned to keep the laptop, 1 zippered Pockets on the Front wall of the bag, Another zippered Pockets on the back side of the bag, Adjustable Strap with Max Length 55 Inches, Briefcase Handle on Top. Brown in color.

9. Dark Brown Leather Satchel

Dark Brown Leather Briefcase

It is not a good idea to turn up to your office scruffy. Try our chic dark brown leather satchel that looks classy and will level up your fashion game. The bag is handcrafted, and the leather smells very pleasing. A spacious shoulder bag that can fit your work essentials and anything that you would desire. To know more about our leather collection, feel free to visit our website.

10. Dark Brown Leather Briefcase

Dark Brown Leather Briefcase

This dark-brown leather briefcase is your perfect office companion. Made with the best quality leather in the market, handcrafted by professionals. With padded shoulder straps fit closely and comfortably to your back, so you could travel comfortably.

This briefcase is ideal for business trips and small office outings. To know more about our leather collection, feel free to visit our website.

11. Brown Leather Portfolio Briefcase

Brown Leather Portfolio Bag

There is something special about the vintage look. Those earthly brown tones are very alluring. Those textures and colors are indeed very inviting. This portfolio briefcase can also be your office companion. This new arrival has already been a hot article since it has been live. Made by professionals, this bag is handcrafted. To know more about our leather collection, feel free to visit our website.

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