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Leather products must be purchased from the best of the outlets. High on Leather has emerged as the single most stop to provide its customers with good quality and excellent leather products. Clients who have been long associated with us have always been elated and satisfied with the quality of leather products we have managed to give them in wholesale. There are some reasons as to why High on leather should always be your choice as far as getting quality products is concerned:-

Provide various types of leather: - High on Leather makes sure that their customers are not left bereft of leather choices. We have genuine leather bags made from the skins of camel, sheep, cow, buffalo and goat. We make sure that genuine quality leather bags are only provided to our customers. Thus, we deem to be the best in giving leather which is required by the people. As we understand that each customer’s demand is unique, we make sure they are availed of a wide range of leather products to choose from- Be it for the vintage look, the texture or even the durability, we have it all.

India’s Number 1 since 1998: - That is true. Nobody has beaten the uniqueness of quality and timeliness of our delivery that we have mastered in. Since 1998, we have emerged to be one of the largest manufacturers, distributors and also suppliers of some genuine leather bags in the entire world.  We will be the right place to avail of leather bags in wholesale which would be stylish and also unique inventory for your store. Most of the goat leather bags you see selling online in USA, UK and Canada from famous retailers are purchased from highonleather.com itself.

Quality equates the cost: - High on Leather is the right place for you if you are in a mood to purchase things that are unique and 100 % genuine in its leather quality. Apart from all of that, we manage to give our leather bags at wholesale prices. These cheap prices can then be converted into great profits for you when you will be able to sell them at a good cost and equally earn huge margins.

As we believe you would like to trade with us, it would be better that you also remember some ground rules which we would like to follow:-

  • The minimum order of bags which you need to order at a time should be 30 pieces with at least 10 pieces belonging to each design. Thus, at High on Leather, you can test starts with a basic 30 products and also verify their demand in the market.
  • All the prices which we mention on the website for our bags are retail prices. All the sample bags which we provide will also be purchased at retail rates.
  • All the cancellations and extra revisions will not be accepted in more than 4 days after you have placed your order.

Thus, you can believe in our state of the art manufacturing equipmentwhich would only provide top-class quality bags. You can equally trust us for our confidentiality in business as we have been a long term player whose association with clients worldwide holds the testimony. Visit our wholesale page for more information.

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Ishmeet Singh
Ishmeet Singh



Ishmeet Singh
Ishmeet Singh

October 29, 2015

Hi Nirmal,

Please feel free to leave a mail on ishmeet@highonleather.com.

Nirmal Jhunjhunwala
Nirmal Jhunjhunwala

October 24, 2015

I am interested in TAN, SOFT COW LEATHER Duffel Bag (No wheels) approx. 18” x 12 “ x 9” = 39” Linear or 1944 Cu “

I have seen your web site and do not find anything suitable. Let me know if you can offer something close to the size

I am visiting India next month and would like to order one piece now

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