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Why Goatskin Leather bags are better than any other leather bags?

Why goatskin is better against other animal leather products?

Leather is made out of any animal skin which gets chemically or mechanically processed. Genuine leather breathes and it has capabilities to absorb humidity. It keeps a person warm in cold weather and cool when the temperature is hot outside. As per the estimate 65 percent of leather products are made from cow leather and 9 percent from is from goat leather. But using goat leather products is better than other leather products. Here we will talk about why goat skin leather bags are better over other leather bags. Goat skin leather is also known as Morocco leather and it's known for its softness, lightweight features. It is also one of the most resilient leather found and it is naturally water resistant.

Characteristics of Goat skin leather

Normally, leather products are manufactured out of goat skin, leather or cowhide. Some people even believe that Goat Skin has more durability than cowhide when it comes to taking a beating. It is suppler and softer because of the presence of lanolin in the leather. It is also more durable than cowhide because it is water resistant. Goat skin is warm, breathable and it's very comfortable to wear. Goat skin is textured like a pebble and so it has distinctive ridges. Goatskin leather gets produced in straight-grained leather form that gets rolled in the same direction during the drying process, and crushed goatskin is normally rolled and ironed to flatten the edges. Kidskin is made from young goats, and is really very soft.

Now-a-days many big brands are using goat skins for making bags. It is because the leather made up of goat skin is very soft and flexible. It is very strong and hard wearing which gives it a great quality to get converted into a leather bag. It is believed by the manufacturers that the goat skin leather is much thinner than cow hide and so it is very light weight. Along with this quality the look and feel of these goatskin leather bags are something which is making it so much attractive amongst the customers.

It is because goat skin leather has grabbed a lot of characteristics from the wear and tear that a goat goes through in its whole adventurous life. The leather has such quality that when you wear a goatskin leather bag it becomes a part of you like the way you are wearing a pair of suede jeans.

The bags manufactured out of goat skin are not stiff as that made from cow hide. They are very flexible and will move as your body moves. These bags are quite easy to clean. As they are water resistant, they can be cleaned with a mild, pumice based soap, but should not be rubbed and once your bag is completely dry, for better performance you can apply leather conditioner so that your bag will last for ages. You should keep in mind not to store your leather bags under high humid conditions as they can grow mildew and near any chemicals.

Why Goat Leather is better for bags?

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is goat leather good for bags?

Goat leather, also known as Morocco Leather is naturally water resistant due to vegetable tanning. Its soft texture, high durability, high flexibility and lighter weight make it extremely suitable for the making of bags. Also no chemicals used in its making process makes it organic and eco-friendly.

Is goat leather good for Jackets?

Goat leather is a natural insulator and also absorbs moisture, which means you can ideally be cool during summers or remain warm during winters even with a goat leather jacket on. And monsoons, keep it dry.

Is goat leather water proof ?

Any leather is natural and breathes, and hence porous. To make it waterproof leather is taken through an intricate process called tanning. Our leather is processed through natural tanning process with the help of vegetable tannins, which makes it water resistant.

How to clean goat leather products?

When it comes to your precious leather of all times, maintenance could be a concern. We suggest casual dusting to prevent regular dust to pile on your hide surface. However, it is good to take your leather through a thorough cleaning once in few months. You may clean it with a damp cloth. For any sort of stains on suede you may trying sprinkling cornflour that will absorb any stain on the surface.

How to stop your goat leather from smelling?

Leather which is perfectly tanned will never disappoint you with its gruesome smell. However, in case you come across any which is recently produced or isn’t properly tanned we suggest you use some sodium bicarbonate or baking soda and apply it on the bag and keep it with a plastic bag for 48 hours. Baking soda is a perfect neutralizer and will help you remove the smell in a short time. If any of it still remains, be assured it will go away with the more you use it.

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