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Why Goatskin Leather bags Are Better Than Any Other Leather Bags?

Goat Leather - An unpopular yet a favorite choice

Well, to answer the above question, my answer will be just in 2 words - Sturdy and Affordable! I have evidence to back up my claim!!!

The Goat Leather was used for military purposes as a substitute for more expensive leather such as horsehide or sealskin during and before WW2. In fact, mass production of goatskin started during the war era and the people were surprised to see its strength and lasting quality.

Not many of you know about Goat Skin leather in detail. In this piece, we'll go over not only what goatskin is, but also its benefits and drawbacks, as well as how it differs from other forms of leather.

Characteristics of Goat skin leather

Goat leather, regarded as being one of the most robust leathers due to its tenderness, suppleness, and lightweight properties, is used in the manufacture of gloves, shoes, bags, clothing, and outerwear, as well as wallets, accessories, and carpets, to mention a few.

  • Soft and Lightweight :

Goat leather, also known as Morocco leather, is soft, light, and very robust at the same time. This unique substance, which was especially fashionable in the early half of the twentieth century, is also one of the most durable leathers available.

Goat leather is also frequently used to produce light, beautiful, high-heeled shoes since it can tolerate tremendous stress on the stitching and retain its structure. Kidskin is an extremely soft material produced by young goats.

  • Durability:

Because of its resilience, leather is ideal for manufacturing tiny leather items - consider how many times you open your wallet or bend the folds of its inside. Small leather products must be manufactured of tough yet thin leather.

Goatskin is made up of a dense mesh of threads. In fact, the collagen fibers in goat leather are far tougher than those in cow or sheep leather.

  • Texture:

It also has a characteristic granular, pebble-like skin texture that may be altered utilising vegetable tanning techniques. Tanners can polish the skins in ways that bigger bovine skins cannot due to the tiny surface areas within each skin.

Straight-grained goatskin leather is manufactured and rolled in the same way throughout the drying process, whereas crushed goatskin is often rolled and ironed to straighten the sides.

  • Water Resistant:

Goat leather is inherently water-resistant and elastic, due to the presence of lanolin, a waxy oil generated by the goat's skin. Because they are water-resistant, they may be washed with a moderate, pumice-based detergent, but should not be scraped.

Once your bag is fully dry, add leather conditioner for improved performance and to ensure that it lasts for a long time.

  • Flexible:

This is because goatskin leather has absorbed many qualities from the excessive wear that a goat experiences during its eventful existence. The leather is of such excellent quality that when you wear a goatskin leather bag, it becomes a part of you, much like a pair of suede jeans.

  • Environment Friendly:

It is environment-friendly since it can be tanned without any need for chemicals and only vegetable oil. Moreover, Goat leather can last a very long time in contrast to fake leather.

  • Vintage Look:

The design appears to be vintage. Goatskin leather has a more durable finish than other leathers. As a result, goatskin jackets, boots, and other products continue to look great after a long time. However, the tanning process has a significant impact.

Vegetables are frequently fed to older goats. tanned, and thus ages better than chrome tanned leather. Because of its durability, goat leather is highly preferred. It is more durable and remains unchanged for a prolonged period of time. When creases appear on it, its longevity enhances its beauty.

  • Unique:

Genuine Goat Leather contains certain scars (due to markings/cuts on goat skin) by nature, which verifies its purity and gives it a wonderful vintage aspect. Additionally, each bag has a different color tone and may change slightly from the images provided, making each bag unique.

  • Can be Embossed easily:

Embossed leather is created by stamping it with pressure and temperature to produce a predictable shape or design in the skin or to replicate the natural texture in the skin. Stamping patterns into leather creates a unique and beautiful appearance that is also oil and water-resistant.

The embossed leather's thermal leather process prevents hides from warming when subjected to sunlight. And Voila! Goat Leather can be easily embossed!

Goat Leather bags versus other types of leather bags: Why the former is a better Alternative.

When we hear goat leather, most people think of all the cheap leather bags they bought on Amazon or at antique stores that didn't last very long. High On Leather, on the other hand, draws a line here.

Not only is our goat leather line vegetable tanned without using toxins, but we also have our own tanneries in which they are created to endure.

High On Leather, on the other hand, ensures that our bags are subjected to the absolute best methods from stem to stern, beginning with ensuring that our hides are all uniquely hand chosen for quality, rather than purchased in bulk.

Before tanning, we wash all of the hides up to six times, only then are they properly tanned to a high degree. Unlike our competitors, we can promise you that our bags will only smell like real leather.

Not only that but also has a very durable canvas liner within the bag and straps, making it endure longer than typical goat leather bags.

  • Goat Leather bags Versus Cowhide bags

Bags made from cowhide surpasses bags from goatskin in terms of toughness every time, yet the latter is far more flexible. Aside from their superior stretching, goatskin bags outperforms cowhide in terms of smoothness.

Cowhide, on the other hand, is superior when it comes to an insulating and hefty weight. Goatskin bags are inexpensive as compared to cowhide bags. Goatskin bags give the vintage look and are water-resistant.

  • Goat Leather bags Versus Sheepskin bags

To begin with, goatskin bags is tougher and more robust than bags made from sheepskin leather, but not as flexible. Sheepskin has a higher stretchability than goatskin.

In terms of weight and tenderness, a goatskin bag is somewhat thicker than a sheepskin bag. But, as before, sheepskin bags are costlier than goat leather bags. Moreover, they are not water-resistant as well.

  • Goat Leather bags Versus Lambskin bags

Goatskin is significantly stronger than lambskin and has more rough characteristics, so bags made from the former is durable. However, because goatskin and lambskin have fairly comparable flexibility characteristics, they are tied.

Furthermore, goatskin is noticeably thicker than lambskin and provides far better insulation than lambskin. Lambskin bags is significantly superior to goatskin in terms of softness, flexibility and have a higher price.

  • Goat Leather bags Versus Buffalo Leather bags

During the tanning process, buffalo leather bags require extra care and attention. However, when professionally tanned, the result is high-quality leather with a deep patina and texture.

This leather, unlike goat, is particularly used for travel backpacks, while, goatskin bags will be perfect for everyday use. Buffalo leather bags give that strong and rugged look, while goatskin leather bags have a vintage texture. And, last but not least buffalo leather bags are expensive!!

Different products are made of goat leather.

In light of external factors, goatskin has a tight grainy surface, looking like edges that are particular to this kind of goat leather. Known for its novel capacity to adjust to either warm or cold environment, that thusly keeps you warm vulnerable, and cool in a warm climate or the way that it is delicate and graceful as well as adaptable enough to guarantee solace is what can be generally made from goatskin.

There are a lot of items that are produced using goat leather. Items like coats are renowned. Aside from clothing goat calfskin is additionally utilized on totes and other antique pieces.

What is goat suede?

Goat suede is a velvet-like leather type, which is often used for leather clothing. It is very light and comfortable. Goat suede is a subcategory of suede which is itself a subcategory of leather. Suede refers to a specific treatment used to achieve a soft nap on the leather.

How to make goat skin soft?

Goat suede, like most leathers, is expensive. The quality of the goat suede is based on the health of the skin when harvested. Natural oils are the finest alternative if you don't know how to soften the leather. Use jojoba oil, avocado, or coconut to soften leather items. The leather should be exposed to the sun before using any natural oil. This is particularly important in the summer.

How to make leather goat leather more flexible?

One of the famous ways to make your leather flexible is heat. YES, heat may be used in a variety of ways to soften leather gloves and other clothing, but you must be cautious.

Newer goods should not be heated to soften the leather. If the goods are old, the heat can evaporate any leftover moisture, which could lead to further harm to the object in question.

Before you utilize heat to soften your leather accessory, use a moisturizer and spread it by rubbing it gently.

What is caprine leather?

Caprine leather is strong, durable has a smooth fine grain, and is quite economical. The caprine leather is tougher than cow leather and is supple, comfortable, light-weight, and water-resistant and it is relatively cheap. Caprine is used for making clothes, book covers, gloves, shoes, and bags.


If we were to make a conclusion about goatskin leather bags, it would be as follows. Goatskin leather bags are smooth and supple as well as flexible enough to assure comfort.

A wonderfully textured surface gives some more individuality to goatskin bags, which serves a lot more dynamic and useful purpose since goatskin is also highly resilient. Above all, they are pocket-friendly and highly durable.

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Why Goat Leather is better for bags?

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