Leather Camera Backpack

It’s a whole New Year! It’s 2020!

With the onset, we thought of introducing something that could bring solace to the dreary shoulders of a zealous photographer, something that would set him free to capture the best captivating moments on the Earth, something secure enough to protect his precious lenses and mirrors. So we thought of introducing the revolutionary Camera backpack.

This ultimate backpack comes with a full-grain leather with the highest bond strength, durability and high tensile strength. Full-grain also adds to the product its required sheen, the elegant patina and touch that any of the artists, would be craving for.

We also speculated all possible items a photographer might carry in general, to a far-flung place, and hence added room for a standard size camera along with 4-6 lens compartments. The idea was to accommodate photography as an official accompaniment, so we removable padding for the laptop with an air-mesh padded back panel. The size was a concern as we didn’t want it become jumbo-size spoiling all efforts for a compact back hump. 

The other essentials that occurred to us were the notebooks, memo, batteries, chargers or few personal items. So, we built organizer pockets in the front for these smaller accessories. The sides offered space for refreshments and water or any other item as required. We zipped it on all three-sides, leaving just one, so that it could unfold and open like a suitcase, allowing owners to be at utmost ease while they are on the move. We carefully added two real leather cross-straps to make it further easier to carry. However, a handle on the top would make this even handy enough.

  • Colour - Brown
  • Leather: Premium 100% Veg Tanned Leather
  • Dimensions: 17.5"L x 11.5"W x 5"D
  • Room for a camera and 4-6 lenses
  • Removable inner compartment to Make it Like Normal Backpack
  • Compartment for a 13-inch laptop.
  • Front organizer pocket for small accessories
  • Padded air mesh back panel and padding on shoulder straps

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