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expensive leather bags looks

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Leather has always been the largest trendsetter. Be it any occasion, irrespective of gender, location and other social barriers, leather has always been loved, trusted and respected by humans. But whatever makes people go crazy, there is always a particular and subtle cloning to that, which will imitate the way it works. The same is the case with leather. You are able to easily see around millions of such clones imitating the original leather, that you might have to spend some of your valuable time chasing. So to save that special time looking out for that special piece worth your priceless bucket, and also saving few of the last pennies in your complaining wallet, you may deviate from the trending mass of being the most irrational buyer succumbing to consumer debts, and therefore, choose to go for a lighter ‘clone’ version. of 30$ rather than going for another worth 140$ !

But, let’s say the day you are out on a date or a ceremony and you have a cheaper version of your favorite brand handbag that matches exactly with your dress. Would you dare take it along? Obvious, you would not want your audience to mark out the difference. So here we would like to add some tips as to what makes you hide all the mistakes in your lower version handbag, and make you end up the successful showstopper!

  1. Go by the ‘look’ and ‘feel’

For this you just need to dive deep before you are able to perceive the difference between a split leather, faux leather, bonded leather and ‘no’ leather. To be honest, the critical awareness is less, but the difference is huge and so is the price range.

Taking all the above, the virtual disparity is less than none. In other way, all of them will apparently be looking like ‘leather’ and will be invariably cheap. But the problem lies elsewhere. The difference is mostly visible after few days of usage. You surely won’t like yourself coming out of a party going gaga, while yours friends chuckling on your ‘visibly’ cheaper leather bag sadly shedding its skin off.

So while all the above are quite cheaper than actual leather, the ‘make’ quantifies the durability multifold.

Bonded leather has a backing of 20-30% of leather ‘scraps’ treated chemically and flattened, while on top is filmed with a thin PU layer that is often embossed and given leather-like look. This kind ends up chipping and developing cracks on them very easily, starting from the corners and edges.

While all of the rest contain leather or leather extracts to some extent, ‘faux leather’ does comprise no leather at all. It is an impregnated Polyurethane fabric, is waterproof, needs no maintenance and can take the ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of any leather you dream of. This will let you get a star-range in your closet if you can consider the other aspects as well.

2. The design

Fake leather vs real leather

The second most important aspect that will come in your way is the bag design. Be it a party or a casual hangout, an exclusive designer bag will always carve out the difference among the cheaper bags. So you might need to align the idea of your dream bag with the theme and the purpose.

Tote Bags are always in for any casual outings. Just check out various designs among different Tote Bags in exclusive showrooms and the ones commonly found in the street corner. You can define the difference.

When it comes to Sling Bags, or Smart Back packs, or even a handbag don’t combine too many designs together. If it’s frizzy, rugged or has a lot of frills, keep it aside for the roughly jeans you can pair it up with and must avoid a big bold stone on it to screw the whole setup.

3. Check the accessories

The right accessories play a major role that you may not be aware of. The cheap accessories used in dupes are often made of mild steel or cheaper alloys that are prone to rust and decolourization. Often sellers overload the bags with too much of accessories or too many chambers that you may find suitable to accommodate the small trifles, but in reality it is the

biggest spoiler you invite. Instead choose a bag that keeps it simple and focuses only on a single attraction in the bag. Be it the handle or the big super logo, or a flaunting zipper, trust me you don’t need an expensive tag anymore.

4. The stitching part

Leather Bags stiching

This is the most neglected area which we often tend to overlook. Yes, the stitching of your all favorite bag. Cheaper stitching is commonly not aligned with the design element, and is often laid bare and visible only to be spotted by your audience without much effort. They might be of different colors that stand out remarkably in contrast with the bag color and theme, or may leave out a careless thread here and there. A beautifully designed bag is always stitched in co-ordination with the design and is either hidden or rather showcased in a regal form

5. The logo

Real bags need not sport their brandS in form of huge logos in their products. They are commonly used as signatures and are more than not visible to the fans and brand-lovers, much because they know their brands. Those who are frequent buyers of expensive brands often do so because there are totally aligned with the brand psychology. So if you also want to set up an iconic style of your own, choose designs that will reflect your taste and not hyper-boasting your accessories with dupe logos.

High On Leather is there to assist you on all leather choices and offers you the best range at never before prices. Our main focus is to make our customers aware of the products they choose, and keep them informed and updated.

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