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What Kind Of Bag Army and Military Men Carry?

Military Leather Duffel Bag

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Now, this has never been into the process that the army has been generously given a thought. Although the army men and militants have always inspired their uniforms and dress codes among civilians which the latter have imitated as different style statements, but unfortunately the military men have been the most neglected ones since ages.

The military men have always been considered to be the simplest and bland, ignorant of latest trends and more disinterested in popular styles and designs, however what they have always symbolised through their stardom is courage, strength and determination.

We have seen various shapes and designs hand-carried by the strong army chiefs, but how many of us find one, specially custom-designed for their best benefitted use. Keeping this in mind, we have designed the Leather Military Duffle Bag for the armed men to suit their style, purpose and functionality.


When one of my father’s army-friend visited with his strong build and that ‘lone man’ style carrying what I called a briefcase then, and later came to learn that it was a duffel from France, I was fascinated. My father kept narrating how he was more than particular about his choices, and I think that most men are so, and nourished the idea of crafting that one hard-skin bag which tallied best with the philosophy, strength and the zeal of a military man.

When I came across the imperial styles of real leather, I could find nothing else that could match the superiority and reflect the ideologies of a man who serves the nation by all means. I found real leather was the best and only compatible means I could work with to create that insuperable strength and persona.

A full grain cowhide :

Leather has now extended its reach to many, with its large family and categories, and also not disregarding the most identical prototypes. One may have heard of a goatskin to buffalo, deer, giraffe or even croc hides, however, a full-grain leather is the highest grade of leather just below the hairy surface and is closest to the epidermis. Due to its close knit with the tissue and skin fibers it is the most durable leather grade of all. Moreover, full grain is generally the undamaged leather where, the skin texture is not disturbed by sanding or buffing methods and other treatments. Cow skin is thicker and stronger than any other animal skin, is flexible yet highly wear and tear resistant and breathable.

It is a mandate and the only basic thing you need to ascertain while buying a genuine piece of leather. When it comes to an original duffle carriage, a real premium cowhide full grain smartly overshadows the regular army sacks made of cloth pieces. Our Military Leather Duffel Bag is one of its kind, robust, simple and custom-designed for the day-to-day usage of modern military professionals.

Best benefits of using cowhide leather for making Bags:

  1. It’s highly durable : The stretch and flexibility of cow skin makes it highly resistant to wear and tear and other weather conditions. It can sustain immense hassles during usage and is a great product for carrier bags like duffels and backpacks.
  1. It’s elegant : Cowhide has its natural elegance and unique features that no other leather can match. With longer usage and more exposure to weather conditions, it shows its aging in the form of beautiful patina, that most leather-lovers long to see.
  1. It’s Waterproof : Cowhide is naturally moisture and water-resistant. This also adds to why it is the perennial choice of users throughout the year, and for all purposes and travel destinations.
  1. Unique design: As already mentioned, cowhide due to its unique surface features stands out among all other leathers commonly available. 
  1. Easily available and cost-effective: Cowhide being a by-product of the cattle industry and slaughter-houses is easily available around, although it is important that one verifies the quality and genuinety of the product. This also makes it highly affordable and within the reach.

Features and Usage:

I often asked my uncle why he always shouldered that French piece along, and what made it his most favourite of all times. I was even curious about what he carried inside as it looked quite small before his immense build but still highly safe and secured. To be honest, he wasn’t very arranged and systematic when it came to clothes and packing, and would stuff it with anything he found at reach, which also included his small presents for everyone in the family, his expensive toiletries, a Swiss perfume and his special corduroy jacket.

Size :

A soldier bag definitely calls for the best fitted piece, neither too large and nor too small. Keeping this in mind, we have created size that covers an area of 23” x 12” and gladly stores the rugged pieces and essentials inside.

It is best ready to accommodate any of clothes, equipments, accessories, gift items or all together. So be it anytime of the year, our man is just ready-to-move with this excellent accompaniment.

Storage and Accessories:

The front pocket acts as a mini storage for all trifles. An adjustable shoulder strap also enables it to be used as a cross-body backpack, while a handle on top makes it easier to carry. The zipper and other accessories have been designed in best-alignment with the bag itself which further makes it classy and rich.

Reviews :

Like any other HOL product, we have also surveyed this bag among few of our army friends. Few of the remarkable feedbacks that we received, we would like to share :

  • Received a quality product from HOL. It has rightly served my purpose. Superb.”
  • “No-one ever thought of designing something specially for us. I work in the Indian Airforce, and am really glad to have this duffel bag. Thanks HOL team.”
  • On-time delivery and excellent packaging from HOL. Look forward to buy again.” 
  • I was referred to HOL by one of my friends, and found this leather duffel and it matched exactly what I was looking for. You guys are doing a great job !
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