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What Kind Of Bag Army and Military Men Carry?

Military Leather Duffel Bag

This is something that the army has never been kindly considered in the process. Although army personnel and militants have always influenced civilians with their uniforms and clothing rules, which the latter have mimicked as diverse aesthetic statements, military men were the most ignored since the dawn of time.

Military men were always thought to be the most plain and uninteresting, oblivious to current trends and uninterested in popular fashions and patterns, but what they have always represented via their popularity is courage, strength, and dedication.

We've seen many forms and patterns carried by powerful army commanders, but how many of us have found one, specifically custom-designed for their most beneficial use? Keeping this in mind, we created the Leather Military Duffle Bag for armed men to complement their style, purpose, and utility.


I was impressed when one of my father's army friends came to visit with his muscular physique and 'lone man' attitude carrying what I thought was a briefcase but later learned was a duffel from France.

My father continued recounting how he was picky about his selections, as I believe most guys are, and fostered the concept of creating that one hard-skin bag that matched the attitude, power, and fervour of a military man.

When I came across the imperial styles of real leather, there was nothing else that could equal the supremacy and express the beliefs of a man who serves the nation in whatever way.

I discovered that real leather was the best and only appropriate material with which I could produce that invincible power and character.

A full grain cowhide :

Leather's huge family and categories, as well as the most comparable designs, have now expanded its reach to many. You've probably heard of goatskin, buffalo, deer, giraffe, and even croc hides, but full-grain leather is the finest quality of leather, located just below the hairy surface and closer to the epidermal. It is the most lasting leather quality due to its tight knit with tissue and skin fibres.

Furthermore, full grain leather is typically intact leather in which the skin structure has not been altered by sanding or polishing techniques or other treatments. Cow skin is thicker and tougher than just about any other animal skin, as well as flexible, wear-resistant, and airy.

It is a must and the only thing you should look for when purchasing a genuine piece of leather. When it comes to an authentic duffle carriage, a genuine premium full grain cowhide swiftly outperforms the standard army bags manufactured with fabric components. Our Military Leather Duffel Bag is one of a kind, sturdy, simple, and specially designed for current military personnel' day-to-day use.

The following are the most significant advantages of utilising cowhide leather to make bags:


Cow skin's elasticity and flexibility make it very resistant to wear and tear as well as other weather conditions. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear and is an excellent product for carrying bags like duffels and backpacks.


Cowhide has an inherent grace and distinct characteristics that no other leather can match. With further use and exposure to poor weather, it ages beautifully and develops the lovely patina that most leather enthusiasts desire.


Cowhide is inherently resistant to moisture and humidity. This contributes to why it is the year-round favourite of users for all reasons and vacation places.


Cowhide, as previously said, stands out over all other leathers available owing to its distinct surface characteristics.


Cowhide, a byproduct of the cattle industry and meat processing, is widely available, but it is critical to verify the product's quality and authenticity. This also makes it very inexpensive and accessible.


I used to wonder why my father always carried that French piece with him, and what made it his favourite of all time. I was particularly interested in what he carried within, since it appeared to be pretty small in comparison to his massive size, but still quite safe and stable.

To be honest, he wasn't particularly organised or methodical when it came to clothing and luggage, and would load it with anything he could find, including little gifts for everyone in the family, costly toiletries, a Swiss perfume, and his unique suede jacket.

  • SIZE:

A soldier bag necessitates a well-fitting item that is neither too huge nor too tiny. With this in mind, we designed a size that measures 23" x 12" and happily keeps the tough parts and necessary within.

It is best prepared to accommodate any combination of clothing, equipment, accessories, present goods, or all of the above. So, whichever time of year it is, our man is ready to go with this great complement.


The front pocket serves as a little storage area for all trinkets. An easily adjustable shoulder strap allows it to be worn as a cross-body backpack, and a top handle makes it easy to carry. The zipper and other attachments have been created to be in perfect harmony with the luggage itself, adding to its class and richness.

High on Leather Military Duffel Bag Review

I've never been much of a traveler when it comes to baggage. No thanks to a hard nylon box on wheels.

The ease of a wheel is undeniable, but now and then you have to think outside the box. Duffle bags are the best choice for a weekend getaway or overnight work trip.

It is difficult to strike that delicate mix of aesthetic, function, and construction.

Yet, I've discovered a good contender in High on Leather's LEATHER MILITARY DUFFLE BAG 24".

We can use this brilliant-looking bag for everything from business trips to outdoor gatherings. Our professional craftsmen designed this bag to wear daily

    Leather & Construction

    The premium full-grain cowhide and high-grade thread are used to design the 24" Leather Military Duffel. The bag is made with high-quality zippers to ensure its sturdiness.

    Vintage brown is the hue of the bag. The medium thickness of the quality cowhide makes it robust but not too hefty.

    The bag's measurements are 23" (closed) x 12" in diameter. The bag features one outer zippered pocket and internal side slots which are perfect for your keys, spectacle cases, pens, etc. A high-quality cloth lining fills the interior of the bag.

    The detachable strap is made of high-quality nylon and leather. There are two normal top handles with a two-snap closing in addition to the adjustable strap.

    I can't stop bragging about how long the bag will last as it's produced of 100% vegetable-tanned leather. If you want a fashionable bag that will last a lifetime, this vintage duffel bag is a must-have.

    The wax provides the leather some pull-up. It means that when the leather is used, the color will brighten and vary over time. There are no apparent flaws in the design.

    I am not a fashionista but this bag sure gives me a few head turners!


    This is an excellent weekend or longer trip bag as I mentioned earlier about the zippers being sturdy, and I'm confident they'll last a long time.

    It's just the right size for me, with enough room for clothing, books, travel stuff, and even a pair of shoes if necessary.

    Because I try to pack light, this bag would be ideal for a week-long trip. The pockets aren't very deep, which is ideal for me because I won't feel compelled to cram them or struggle to locate a certain item.

    However, if you want a larger or deeper pocket, the bigger alternative may be preferable.

    The side pocket, in my opinion, is large enough to hold a wallet, a regular-sized phone, keys, a passport, and maybe a small notepad or charger.

    I wish there was an internal compartment of a standard size for quickly stowing my laptop or iPad! Rest I have no complaints!


    As the name suggests this army-style duffle bag is based on former military duffles that were made of genuine leather rather than nylon.

    Some are even utilized in the US military today since this version is more updated and possibly more elegant. Carrying this bag will make you feel proud, and it will send you down memory lane!

    It did for me since I could relate it to my grandfather's service in the military! I believe that there are times when we should purchase items that assist us in revisiting our memories.

    As previously said, the color and texture of this leather are very stunning, with a more distressed appearance and plenty of cracks and contrast in the leather.

    Personally, I like this aesthetic since it already has the look of a generational piece and will continue to do so through time.

    I particularly enjoy how the bag is lined with a quality nylon fabric that protects any clothing within.

    For those who want to live in the moment, the classical design appears to be capable of handling any scenario with ease.

    I could see a high-powered business leader taking one into the clubhouse hallway, or a blue-collar employee packing one into his pickup for a weekend getaway.

    One of the nicest things about leather is that it becomes better with age, develops character, and becomes something you appreciate.

    So don't be cautious, toss it about, and make use of it! The thick full-grain has a really attractive appearance. In conclusion, you can take my word when I say it’s not loud or flashy, but strong and elegant.


    High On Leather's Leather Military Duffel Bag illustrates how contemporary elements may be mixed with traditional craftsmanship.

    The good thing is that it isn't too costly. You can purchase something similar in synthetic leather for a lot less money, but you'll have a hard time finding anything with the same aesthetic.

    The bag's sturdiness is a big selling factor, however, the lack of pockets should be considered. Overall, it's a premium-quality bag that will function well and do so in style.

    Reviews :

    Like any other HOL product, we have also surveyed this bag among few of our army friends. Few of the remarkable feedbacks that we received, we would like to share :

    • Received a quality product from HOL. It has rightly served my purpose. Superb.”
    • “No-one ever thought of designing something specially for us. I work in the Indian Airforce, and am really glad to have this duffel bag. Thanks HOL team.”
    • On-time delivery and excellent packaging from HOL. Look forward to buy again.”
    • I was referred to HOL by one of my friends, and found this leather duffel and it matched exactly what I was looking for. You guys are doing a great job !
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