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Premium Leather

What Is Considered Premium Leather?

In the leather market, the work premium is very subjective. The work premium has got different kinds. For someone, the premium can be the cost, the quality of the leather, or the brand value.

It would be unwise to rate one type of leather more premium than another as every hide/skin touch feel look price has its character. It entirely depends on what you are looking for.

Several underrated brands out in the market provide the top most quality leather products, but most of the masses aren't aware of the same. Different standards of leather are differentiated by their layers.

Knowing where to buy leather is just not enough, you must learn to distinguish between different types of leather. Today we will learn more about the leather qualities and their grade. Also, we will educate you on how to maintain your expensive leather goods with minimum costs.

What is Premium Crafted Leather?

Premium Crafted Leather

Premium leather is also known as the uppermost layer of the hide. The hide type is called full-grain. This is layer is also the most premium part of a hide. It is the strongest and offers better water resistance.

The feel of the leather is very smooth, soft, and very supple. The alluring imperfections of the hide bring the leather good its real charm. Premium leather easily stands out from the crowd as it has an eye-pleasing platina that is just eye candy.

Thus, it is also the most expensive too. But what if we tell you that we can get the same quality for a pocket-friendly amount… stay tuned till the end of the blog to unveil the secret.

What is Premium Leather made of?

Premium Leather is same as the full grain leather, which is the outermost layer of the hide. This hide type is the most durable and breathable leather. This leather type has the most pleasing smell out of all.

The premium leather is made from the entire hide of the animal. The hide goes through an entire process that includes different methods of extracting the best part out of the leather. Once the hair is removed during processing, the natural grain pattern is visible.

How to clean premium leather?

Probably the most awaited part of the

How do I clean a premium leather bag?

You have to be careful while cleaning a premium leather product. Premium leather stuff is made from materials that are very sensitive. Follow us with the steps below to know more.

Things you will need:

  1. Mild soap/detergent
  2. Brush
  3. Spray bottle
  4. Soft cloth
  5. Leather oil/moisturiser


  1. First, make sure your leather bag has no dust sitting on it for a prolonged period.
  2. Make sure your bag is dry before we proceed with the cleaning
  3. Starting with spraying the mild detergent on the leather bag.
  4. Try targeting the affected area only
  5. Once the affected stain / dirty spot is drenched with the detergent you can proceed with the brushing.
  6. Gently use the brush in a circular motion.
  7. Once the stain gets cleaned spray some lukewarm water and wipe that spot off with a soft towel.
  8. Last but not least make sure you apply leather moisturizer to keep your leather away from dirt and stains.

Where can I buy premium leather bags?

Premium Leather Bags

Now, can you get the best deal for your buck? Yes, you can.

Just trust High On Leather. HOL has been in the business for a while delivering millions of happy customers their very own premium leather goods. HOL believes in providing the best products at a budget-friendly rate.

Every HOL product is handmade and crafted with love. Every single product in the store is handcrafted by skilled artisans from villages. HOL has always promoted real skill by giving real talents the opportunity that they deserve and making the leather industry more sustainable.

Leather bags at HOL are not mass-produced. All leather bags are produced in a limited batch to maintain the exclusivity of the brand and to keep the quality intact. From tanning to the end product everything is done traditionally.

As an end note, we would suggest you taking that extra step and string these bags as out words wont bring justice to the feel and experiencing an entire luxe product.

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