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What kind of leather is best for Wallet?

Best Leather Wallet For Men

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The style statements of men today have changed their course a lot as men are being more conscious and practicing an advanced yet minimalist lifestyle. Choices and preferences have changed, and so are the fashion trends.

Leather, being bold and better in the fashion arena, have allowed these new ideas and concepts to percolate through, without changing its original form and role. Leather, still continues to rule all the fashion fiesta in the same, rather stronger demeanor. However, the approach towards leather as a fashion essential has changed.

So, let’s take a look at what the modern male contemporaries think about the best wallet essentials in 2021:

Full Grain Leather:

Full Grain Leather Wallet For Men

In our survey, 56% of our customers have chosen full-grain leather. It seems the mass knows the best. The best part of using real hide is owning it with all the blemishes and scars from horn fights, insect bites, aging wrinkles, necklines, belly grains etc. Hence most of our customers keep buffing and
sanding out of the way. They like it the way it is.

Following the demands, our full-grain leather wallet designs have also been highly tailor-made to keep it simple yet unreasonably valuable.

Top Grain Leather:

Top Grain leather wallet for men

Top Grain leathers are more flexible and have a larger scope of acquiring better designs and styles. The leather thickness is sleek and the surface is buffed making it really smooth and soft. This is second popular among the mass and owes its popularity to a few of the top leather brands and design houses.

Suede Leather:

Suede wallet for men

This has its own parent lovers. The texture is a pleasure to many as the top layer is ripped off leaving the drop split behind. There is another course of sanding followed to bring different texture levels.

However, apart from the above information which we have shared time and again, there is something new and worth paying attention to. We have till date, discussed the leather types, grains, finishes, textures, etc. However, one thing that we have not paid much attention to is the dyeing of leather.

Based on the dyeing techniques and quality, leather can be differentiated into aniline, semi-aniline, and pigmented which also affects the choice of your leather wallet. To be honest, wallets are the handiest items you might be carrying with you, with a probable chance of touching it almost 7-8 times a day or more. Hence dyeing is something you must not want to ignore, at least when it comes to your most favorite wallets.

Aniline Leather Wallet:

This is the most beautiful dyeing technique where leather is dyed with soluble dyes without forming a topcoat paint or any pigmented insoluble sealant. This kind of dyeing technique makes all the scars and blemishes clearly visible even after the leather is thoroughly dyed.

Semi-Aniline Leather Wallet:

This kind of dyeing though does not completely conceal the pores and the skin characteristics, However, with a thin pigment layer, this offers the leather wallets far more featured designs.

This reason behind our mentioning the dyeing process here is because the same has given birth to far more leather variants than one could hardly imagine a few years back. One of them is the Napa Leather.

Having created by Emanuel Manasse in 1875, it was originally meant for Sawyer Tanning Company of Napa, California. Popularly known as Napa or Nappa Leather since then, it is one of the most exclusive and premium full-grain leather, chrome-tanned, or aniline dyed to form a very soft and smooth leather surface. This buttery soft leather is often chosen by many men to accompany them
at all times in the form of very specially made wallets. It is hypoallergenic and gives a luxurious touch and feel.

Last but not least we cannot ignore the hide types when it comes to the best leather wallet. But\the most interesting thing is in this article we are going to discuss the most exclusive hides to get you the most exotic wallet ever.


Cowhide is the most sophisticated yet most durable of its kind. With almost no scar, pores, or defects, cowhide don’t even need to be sanded or buffed. Probably this is why it has massed immense love and popularity to date.

Buffalo Hide

This is absolutely different from cowhide as it's three-time thicker and more resistant than cowhides. The same makes it stronger, less prone to tear, and is the most durable.

(Please note we neither support nor promote killing of exotic animals just for their skins. All the leather used is High On Leather is a byproduct of the meat industry.)

Crocodile Alligator Skin –

There is a slight confusion as few call alligators ‘crocodile’ and crocodiles are considered ‘alligators’ by many. Nevertheless, the umbilical scars are made the most use of as they find a prominent place on the wallets. However, one needs to be really careful as most of these are often mixed together that create a lot of fake buys among the consumers.

Lizard Skin Wallets –

This may not sound very common to the ears, but yes, lizard skin is being increasingly popular among the exotic leather customers. The basic requirement of a hide is that its area should be big enough to cover the wraps and folds with sufficient coverage. The best part of lizard skin is that it comes with multiple joints that form a beautiful texture and different scale patterns on the same wallets.

Python Skin Wallets –

This can be considered the most exotic leather choices of all. A single python skin can produce a number of rectangular hide pieces together for different wallet designs. The back scale patterns and the belly hide can be the most prominent parts to be used in the leather wallets. Moreover, python skin is also immensely soft and highly stretchable making it a wonderful product to be used in purses and wallets.

As you can see, the choices are endless and increasing day by day. However, faux leather is playing a large and deceptive role in resembling common to exotic leather formats until distinguished by a very close look and experience. We have been putting huge efforts to reach out to our lovely customers with such interesting information and details about original leather and hope this article will help a lot in your choice of wallet next time.

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