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Leather Crossbody Bags for Men

10 Stylish Leather Crossbody Man Bags (2023 Review)

Are you looking for something sober and casual for your day-to-day work life?

We have got you a solution….

Try our exquisite collection of crossbody leather bags that will help you up your style game.

In this article, we educate you more about crossbody leather bags and why they are so amazing!

Let's go!

What is a crossbody bag?

The crossbody is a bag that goes around your shoulder, sits right beside your waist. Very trendy in terms of look. You got every essential of yours very handy. The design of these bags is evergreen and will never go out of the market.

These bags are designed to be worn on one side of the body. These bags are very lightweight and easy to store. A lot of office-going folks choose this bag to carry their laptop and other documents in a stylish manner.

Are crossbody bags good for your back?

Most definitely yes!

These bags sit on your one shoulder and distribute the weight evenly. This also helps to keep your both hands free. You can easily access your bags with them empty hands.

You can also shift the bag to another shoulder if you need a change. So after a busy, hectic day, you don’t have to feel stressed out with a paining shoulder. When you're traveling with a crossbody bag, you'll no longer feel that you're carrying redundant weight.

10 Best Leather Crossbody Bags For Men


Be the JayZ with this unique leather messenger bag. Just like JayZ, it will show that you too have got a very distinct and exquisite taste in leather. This bag is not only super good-looking, but it can also carry a lot of weight.

The bag comes with a lot of features. From an adjustable leather strap to a nice cushioned place for your laptop to rest. This leather bag has got it all. With all that, this good-looking bag is a handmade piece. Every element on the bag has been handmade. Do check out the link for more information.


Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

Humans have not built a time machine yet but the love to go vintage still persists. Vintage and leather is an impeccable combination. Just have a glance at this messenger bag. The looks are so alluring, every details is brought down very beautifully on this bag.

With three big internal compartments and buttery smooth zippers, this bag is everybody's dream. The looks on this bag are very much casual + formal. Indeed this is a multifunctional messenger bag.



FULL-GRAIN LEATHER. The name itself is enough to catch your attention, apart from the fact that it is written in bold. The demand for full-grain leather has been increasing nowadays. Well, this messenger bag has got it all. Which bag on this planet would still look the same even after 10 years? You are correct! This bag.

When you talk about full-grain, the build has to be super solid. This bag has way too many features to offer. Even the colors are very lustrous. Don't wait for too long get your hands on this bag as soon as possible.



Rappers in the west prefer their bags to be full-grain leather. We have got you a unique combo. This bag right here is handmade, made from full-grain leather, and looks very luxurious.

Indeed this is a luxury leather good as it is crafted from the top quality leather in the market. This bag can be your chance to up your fashion game at a very affordable price.



Black is something that brings class. Indeed it does. This leather bag speaks for itself. There is an abundance of classes here. With the plenty of features, what else can someone ask for more?

A black breifcase would not be multifunctional, though it can make your office look fly. This bag is built with quality materials. It is even handmade. Make sure you check this bag out!



BEST it is. Take your style to another level by just adding this leather briefcase. This briefcase is super amazing. The interior is well cushioned to keep your important documents safe.

The bag is made from the best leather on the planet. The touch and feel of the leather are fantastic. It smells very pleasing too! With a little bit of distressed vintage look, the overall feel of the bag is out of the world. Make sure you check it out before it goes out of stock.



Everybody is an artist. Everyone would love to carry their studio with them everywhere. But we are not Dwayne johnson to carry his entire gym on his shoulders. This leather crossbody bag is specially crafted for the people that love carrying around their iPad wherever they go.

We would love to let our bag be a part of your journey of yours. This bag has got plenty of space to fit an iPad very easily. Check our entire collection out in our store.

8. Dark Brown Leather Laptop Bag

Dark Brown Leather Laptop Bag

What can be more fantastic than a super-luxe leather bag that is dark brown? The brown color has been an all-time favorite for all of our customers. Words won't do justice when we talk about this bag.

This bag is handcrafted and made with the best quality full-grain leather. The bag has got ample space to store your every essential.

9. Light Brown Leather Messenger Bag

Light Brown Leather Messenger Bag

Defining art might be tough, but with this bag, your creativity has no limits. Stay up to the minute with this saddle brown color leather messenger bag that will change your entire office look.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans who are in the leather business for over a decade. You are not just buying a bag, but also the hard work and exclusivity of it.

10. Dark Brown Leather Messenger Bag

Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

With simple and superb looks this dark brown leather messenger has to be on your wishlist. The dark brown looks very wonderful on this messenger. The entire built quality is sturdy and the structure is also supreme.

At this price point, it makes your dream come true and welcomes home your new addition to your bag collection.

Checkout our other collection of leather crossbody bags for men.

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