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by Seo Singh January 08, 2021 4 min read


Cowhide is the real, unbleached hair and skin of a cow. It holds on to the natural coloring of the animal. Cowhide is the byproduct of the meat and beef industry. It is often processed into leather. Now often this leather is used in making shoes, wallets, bags, leather jackets, belts, etc.


When it comes to buying cowhide leather, it becomes difficult to differentiate between a fake cowhide and a real one. Fake cowhide is getting very popular day by day in the market. Real cowhide is durable while fake cowhide does not last long as it is made of different kinds of plastics. Fake cowhide often disintegrates after a few years and you will have to keep replacing it. On the other hand, real cowhide lasts for years. Real cowhide is definitely going to cost you more. Now we all are aware that real things cost more than an imitation. Suppliers who take care of its products genuinely are going to sell you a high-quality product that has been cautiously treated and selected. The quality of real cowhide is superior. Real cowhide is going to feel different than a fake one. When you touch a real cowhide, it is soft and the fine fur gives you a sense of comfort. At times the fur might feel a little bristly but it proves the authenticity of the product.

Fake cowhide on the other hand might feel extremely soft in the beginning but as time passes by, it is going to become uncomfortable to touch. No two cows are exactly the same like any other animal on this planet. The color and the patter styles can be similar, but each cow has its own pattern which is as unique as a fingerprint. So, when you buy a piece that is authentic, it is going to be completely unique and no other person in the world will own the exact same rug. But the fake ones are often printed by machine and hence are like an exact copy of every other cowhide that company has sold. Real cowhides appear better in looking than a fake one. The quality of real cowhides is superior to the fake ones. The finishing touch will be better, the fur will be finer and overall, the product will feel more luxurious.


Most of the time, cowhide is the byproduct of the meat and beef industry. It is not possible to keep a track on every trade, between leather and farms traders but in the US, the animals are protected by the animal welfare laws. So usually, cow skin is the waste material of the industries where it is used widely.


Cowhide is very popular in the fashion industry and often used making wallets, belts, stylish jackets, fashionable boots, backpacks, briefcases, etc. besides being it also home decor products like carpets pillows placemats table runners christmas stockings coasters stools furniture. common one of best leathers to use as practical luxurious feel look.


When it comes to comparing both the leathers, both cowhide and horsehide are extremely durable. They both weigh the same and the thickness is also similar more or less. The naked cowhide is usually softer as it does not have a finish which lets the natural hide oils to condition the leather. On the other hand, horsehide has an applied finish to the leather and has a rigid hand. It is also much shinier than cowhide. Both cowhide and horsehide will provide the same warmth. Both the leathers will provide you with many years of wear and protection.


The price of the products is often determined by what type of leather has been used and on the production of the product. Full grain leather is usually viewed as the highest quality leather while genuine leather and bonded leather are viewed as the lowest quality. Cowhide is one of the most popular leather and therefore the cost of cowhide is more than other alternatives. The price is also influenced by the fact that cowhide leather is one of the most common leather in the market, as the cow is widely used in the food and dairy industry.


Yes, it is waterproof, but excessive water will make the leather wet (because of the material's permeable nature) and it can become stiff and hard as the leather dries and hence can lose the wonderful soft texture. In short, it will be safe in a small rain shower but as we are aware that excess of anything isn't good. Anything more and there might not be enough protection. So, it is water resistant but try to keep it out of excess water.


Cowhides are easy to clean and it requires a very little amount of effort to keep them looking good. You can vacuum your cowhide rug but use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the rug in the direction of the hairs to avoid any hair loss. If you want you can also carry your rug outside and shake the rug to get rid of the unwanted particles and dust. It will help your rug to freshen up.


Cowhide offers incredible strength. It is one of the best leathers to date when it comes to practical life. Not only does it provide comfort but also lasts long for years and it is very strong. It cannot be challenged when it comes to strength. Like all other genuine leathers, it offers a very good strength. It also depends on the production and what type of products are used.

Seo Singh
Seo Singh

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