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The patent free leather messenger bags are, as the name suggests, patent free! They do not have any design or patent on the leather. Just solid color and pure leather! These pattern free leather bags have become the dawn to the leather messenger bag fashion industry as it is now considered to be one of the classiest ways to carry your leather bag. patent free bags are never out of fashion, and go with all kinds of attires. Pattern free bags are known for its sophisticated and elegant looks. The reason why it is widely preferred all over is because it is classy, gives one a graceful look and does not fall out of style.

Usually, leather messenger bags which have patent designs on them retail for a very low cost. This led people to believe that the ones which are patent free belong amongst the posh people, and hence their love towards patent free bags just started growing.

Minimalist designs are being loved by many these days and they are the most versatile and flexible ones which literally go with any outfit, fashion, and occasion. Be it a casual day, or a party night, patent free leather messenger bags fit in just fine with everything. As they say, less is more. So, what really is a minimalist design at its truest form. To begin with it has a framework that is very simple in nature. Only the necessary elements are included which are well designed and crucial for the active functioning of the product. Minimalistic designs thrive on simplicity, however the creative process of coming up with such designs are anything but simple which includes specific symbolisms with precision in forms and designs of the reduced elements and thoughtfully chosen colors, minimalism brings out the true designer in need. Minimalist designs give an extremely high standard and luxury brand vibes. It gives a vintage and elegant look at the same time which is rare and hence preferred by most of the people. Even on high street fashion minimalist designs are appreciated the most. Also, on a busy life and environment, such designs are soothing to the eyes. At high on leather, you can find these bags easily! To list a few:


Leather Bags For Men Minimalistic.

This bag is made of full grain goat leather and is perfect for your laptop. Full grain goat leather is very tough and therefore this bag will protect your laptop in harsh weather conditions. The antique look of this bag gives it a maverick charm. This bag will help you with more confidence when you will carry your laptop in style. You can also fit your files and other important documents in this messenger bag. The bag will look absolutely stunning when you pair it with tees and cool denims. It is also very durable and reliable. This bag does not require a very high-class maintenance because of the premium class goat leather and hence you can clean it once a while. This bag will make you stand out in a crowd and help you catch all the eyes and attention. So, if you want all eyes on you, get this as soon as possible. The features of this bag include: Color: Brown, Leather: Goat Leather, Dimensions: 16 (W) * 13(H) * 4(D), 3 Internal Compartments, Zippered Pocket inside, Half flap cover, Adjustable Strap.


As we all know that vintage has never been out of style. You will travel back in time through this rough and distressed leather messenger. The bag completely gives out vintage vibes. This bag will capture everyone's attention and will surely turn them back. This can be your minikilt of everything. The straps are super adjustable. It is also made of goat leather and hence toughness is guaranteed. Therefore, do not think much before buying this bag because you will not regret it. The features of this bag include: Color: Brown, Leather: Goat Leather, Dimensions: 13 (L) * 10(H) * 4(D), 3 Internal Compartments, 2 Zippered Pockets on the internal walls of the bag, Full flap cover which fastens down via magnetic buttons, 1 Adjustable Strap with Max Length 55 Inches.

Leather Messenger no pattern


Leather Laptop Bags

The advantage of this bag is that it is slim but yet you can carry your entire life in it. It is designed in such a way that it will look good with both formals and casuals. It is made of full grain cowhide leather and hence you can carry heavy weight items in it. When you will wear this, it will be a style statement. It has enough space to fit in all the necessities. It has an internal laptop sleeve protection making sure that your laptop is in a safe place. It is durable undoubtedly. The features of this bag includes: Leather: Full Grain Cowhide, Color: Dark Brown, Dimensions- 15.74(L) * 2.95(W) * 11.41(H),One external front side pocket, One adjustable leather shoulder strap, Two internal walled pockets, One internal walled zippered pocket, One internal laptop sleeve protection, Soft hospitable interior lining, Skillfully made with superb enrichment, oil and preservative techniques for everlasting usage, Made with quality easy glide & easy access zippers, Constructed with heavy industrial thread for durability and long lasting usage, Professionally made with stainless steel/brass plated hardware.


This bag is specially designed in a way that will always make you look prepared. It accommodates all the essentials of your daily life. These are carriages in simplest forms. It is made of full grain leather that makes it the most vintage piece one can carry along with them to casual or formal places. It has an adjustable strap with a shoulder pad to support your shoulder in case you carry heavy items. This will be your best friend in all the possible situations. The features of this bag include- Color: Brown, Leather: Premium 100% Veg Tanned Leather, Dimensions: 11.5(H), 16(W), 5(D), Smooth finished edges, Solid antique brass hardware that ages well, Heavy gauge bonded thread for long term durability, Adjustable shoulder strap with waxed canvas cushioned shoulder pad, grab handle on backside for quick grabs or can be used to Hang on the handle Luggage with wheels, Interior padded laptop compartment will fit 15" MacBook and many larger laptops.


This bag can be your everything bag, it can be your school bag, laptop bag, mail bag, courier bag, makeup bag, office bag, etc. It is made up of goat leather and hence it is very tough. It is 15 inches long and pretty much fits everything inside it. It will also help you give a style statement. You can style the bag in whichever way you want. Buying this will be worth it as it will add a glamour to your wardrobe. The features of this bag includes: Color: Brown Leather: Goat Leather, Dimensions: 15 (L) * 11(H) * 4(D), 3 Internal Compartments, 2 Zippered Pockets on the internal walls of the bag, Full flap cover which fastens down via magnetic buttons, 1 Adjustable Strap with Max Length 55 Inches.

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