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All About Leather Peeling (Explained!)

Leather Peeling

Why does leather peel?

Real, high-quality leather should not peel if you take the necessary precautions and use the appropriate materials to care for it. Despite what the label may claim, many leather items aren't made entirely of real leather. If your leather is peeling, it's very certainly due to the fact that it's a bonded material with a synthetic covering on the surface.

When genuine leather is properly cared for, it may last for decades, age gracefully, and develop a patina. Because genuine leather is made from animal skin, it must be cared for and kept moist - if it dries out, it will split and peel. To keep leather hydrated, use an appropriate cleaning and/or conditioner on a regular basis. You should also keep an eye on the surrounding humidity levels, as too low a humidity level will cause the leather to lose hydration and become brittle.

Almost all of the time, the cracking is caused by the finish or sealer on the surface, rather than the leather itself. Using the improper cleaning solutions, such as those containing solvents and chemicals, might cause the leather to peel off. Even baby wipes may cause harm because the chemicals in them degrade and rub the topcoat of the leather away, so while they are good for infants, they are not suitable for leather.


Bonded Leather

Bonded leather peeling

“Bonded” leather is a synthetic upholstery material made from animal skin. Essentially, they take actual leather scraps, crush them to a pulp, and then glue them together. There are no standards in place regarding how much leather (or what sort) must be present to qualify for the “Genuine Leather” brand on imported items, owing to lobbying rather than enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, many individuals buy leather items believing it to be genuine while, in fact, it is a bonded substance. These products eventually fracture and peel. This peeling and flaking is unattractive, and unfortunately, there are no effective treatments. However, there are a few options on the market.


What are some of the reasons for leather peeling?

We are occasionally perplexed as to why our leather accessories begin to peel. It's caused by a variety of factors. This might be due to the cleaning chemicals we use, or it could be due to the leather's quality! Each argument is extensively explained in the following sections.

  • Cleaning Products.

We presume the “leather” is cracking whenever we detect a crack on our leather bag. The sealer on the leather's surface, rather than the leather itself, is frequently the source of cracking. What's to blame? Cleaning goods containing alcohol and solvents, for example, may be the culprit. For instance, while cleaning our leather bags, we can use rubbing alcohol. While rubbing alcohol is an effective technique to remove germs from our skin, it is quite damaging to our leather items. So think about what you're going to use to clean your leather bag the next time!

  • Bonded leather.

Some of our leather accoutrements aren't quite what we thought they were. Some are, in reality, of low quality. Leather of poor quality, such as bonded leather, is prone to peeling. Bonded leather is a hybrid of real and synthetic leather. Manufacturers crush discarded pieces into a pulp, then glue it all together with a polyurethane (PU) overlay. Bonded leather is a low-cost option that is frequently used in upholstery. Unfortunately, it lacks the suppleness of real leather and is easily peeled.

  • Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather is also frequently used as a low-cost substitute for leather accessories, shoes, and purses, among other things. Despite being less costly, it is one of the most readily peeled leather fabrics. It is composed of synthetic materials such as PU or PVC. It splits quickly, just as bonded leather, due to its low quality.


How to avoid leather peeling from your products?

Leather Caring For Peeling 

Faux leather is a petroleum-based material. While using conditions may postpone the inevitable, the fact remains that plastic deteriorates. It's important to note that I stated degrade, which is not the same as composting or returning to nature in any manner. As a result, cracking and peeling will occur and will not be restored. You will end up with a product that is unattractive. Worse still, fake fabrics are poor insulators, meaning your jacket will not keep you warm. It has a terrible appearance and performs poorly. This isn't worth it to me.

These particles break down into microparticles and end up in areas where they don't belong. This includes lakes, streams, and oceans, as well as, sadly, your lungs.

Practices to take care of your leather products.

Full Grain Leather is composed of animal hide, and it must be moisturised and maintained on a regular basis to be supple and durable. It is also necessary to clean it on a regular basis to avoid dirt accumulation on the material. The following are some leather-care suggestions:

  • Using a microfiber cloth or a gentle brush, clean the leather.
  • Leather should be air dried on a regular basis.
  • Wet leather should be patted dry as soon as possible.
  • When drying leather, avoid using artificial heat. Allow to air dry naturally.
  • If at all possible, avoid getting leather wet.
  • Apply a leather conditioner or natural leather lotion to keep leather supple.
  • Leather should not be washed in a machine.

When properly cared for, real leather does not flake easily and matures wonderfully! 

Do real leather products peel?

Leather of superior quality does not readily fracture or peel. In fact, unlike low-quality leather, it matures gracefully over time. To get the most value out of our leather, we need to educate ourselves on the substance and quality it is composed of. We exclusively utilise full grain leather from the top vendors in the industry at High On Leather. To ensure longevity and strength, the leather we use in our goods is treated using unique methods and high-quality waxes.

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What kind of leather never peels?

Leather that never peels

When properly cared for, real leather does not flake easily and matures wonderfully! It is a privilege to own a piece of leather. Full Grain Leather is pricey, but it provides you a lot of bang for your buck. Check the quality of a leather item the next time you buy one!

Ultimately, it is critical to preserve your leather so that it remains wet and supple by using the appropriate solutions for your item. Relatively low leathers and materials do not crack or peel and effectively enhance in look over time, whereas higher-quality leathers and materials do not have the same longevity and robustness.

At High On Leather, we make sure that we use Full Grain Quality Leather, despite the type of animal hide we use. Infact, we believe that every leather has its own kind of characteristics and uses the premium grade of the same. 

Checkout full-grain leather bags at High On Leather.

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