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Leather Bags Under 200$

Leather Backpack under 100$

If you search things you get under $200 in Google, you will get a plethora of options. Like from cool gadgets, home furnishing, sun glasses, sneakers, clothes and “leather bags”.

But, I wonder how many of those leather bags are made from real leather.

You can't create a silk purse out of a sow's ear, and you can't make a leather purse out of a sow's ear, either. In a nutshell, leather is pricey. It is, nevertheless, equally valuable. Owning a leather bag is expensive when you have a dozen expenses to pay. It is seen as a luxury. Finding an original leather bag without breaking the bank is as tough as scrounging pennies to purchase an expensive one.

Don't be concerned! We're here to assist you with this difficult process by exposing you to the most flawless leather bags for under $200. I'm neither a wordsmith nor a madman, to be sure. This is completely trustworthy.

What could be more satisfying than getting complimented on a stylish and costly leather bag? Obviously, receiving compliments for a similarly stylish and reasonably priced bag. However, you must be cautious and meticulous in examining a few essential aspects before purchasing a leather bag that has the same sheen as the more expensive ones.

Leather Duffel under 100$


Don't be fooled by a book's cover. The same may be said about bags. Some leather bags appeal to your rods and cones to the point that you rush to claim your dibs before someone else does.

A key warning that comes with buying leather bags at a low price is to be careful of imitation leather bags, which are extremely common in the market these days. If you want your bag to be a show-stopper, do your homework and get it from the most reputable stores that only offer real hide bags.

Leather bags should be carefully picked in terms of construction, texture, and colour:

Most companies utilise imitation leather or are very careless with the critical phases of tanning and dyeing processes of leather in order to offer leather bags at low prices. As a result, the leather becomes floppy and amorphous. They lose their inherent resemblance and hence their grainy texture, resulting in a haphazard appearance.

When it comes to full grain leather bags under $200, remember that burgundy, black, and brown are the safest options. They have the ability to turn heads and make mouths agape. If you don't want it to seem shabby and impecunious, be extremely particular about the colour, texture, and structure of the leather bags.


Leather Briefcase under 100$

If you've been searching the internet for information on what you should know before purchasing a leather bag, you've come to the correct place. Before you make your big purchase, the High On Leather team can provide you with a few helpful hints. Most essential, when it comes to the budget.

I'm sure you don't appreciate it when companies sell sub-par products under the guise of a marketing ploy like "Pure Leather Bags Under $100."

Let's get this party started, shall we?

  • Quality of Leather

Leather Crossbody Ipad bag

To begin, which leather is considered to be of the highest quality?

  1. The best grade leather is full-grain leather. It's the toughest and most long-lasting leather available, and it matures beautifully
  2. Top-grain leather, which is comparable to full-grain leather but has a more uniform appearance, is the second best grade
But, wait, how can you tell the difference between real and fake leather?

  • Genuine leather absorbs water to some extent. It's fake leather if the water runs off
  • It might be fake leather if the texture is excessively smooth, greasy, or plasticky
  • If you've ever used leather, you're aware that it has a distinct, rich scent. This smell will not be present in a faux leather product

  • Longevity of Leather

Leather is well-known for its sturdiness and endurance. It aged well. Leather patina is an art form in and of itself. When looking for a low-cost leather bag, make sure you don't skimp on the leather's quality. Select leather bags that can survive the test of time.

High On Leather does not cut corners when it comes to the grade of the leather, stitching, and hardware (straps, zippers). Essentially, we maintain the fact that whether you buy a $200 bag or a $1000 bag, our quality will be the finest.

  • Hardware like Zips, Straps

When purchasing a leather bag, it's easy to miss the small details. Always inspect the bag from all sides and angles. Before purchasing a bag, look for features such as zippers, straps, buckles, and handles.

  • Make sure the zippers are brass with a nickel or copper finish.
  • Check for sturdiness in the handles and straps.
  • Whether the bag has a lock, check to see if it works properly.

  • Style Statement

Choose a leather purse that complements your personality and makes a statement.

The most popular and adaptable hues are black, tan, and brown tones. Black and dark browns are the finest colours for a formal look. They impart a refined and polished appearance, whilst tan and lighter hues complement a more casual and relaxed style.

Avoid two-toned or contrasting stitched bags. These are excellent for when you're going out with pals.

But, most importantly, choose something that you feel at ease with.

  • Purpose

Why do you need that Leather Bag? That answer needs to be sorted out first.

If you are a fashionista like me then, I would say go pick any style! Keep in mind why you're purchasing a leather purse. Otherwise, you'll wind up spending money on something that looks nice but doesn't serve a function.

  • Make sure you're happy with the size.
  • Examine the interior area and whether there are enough compartments/pockets to keep your belongings tidy and conveniently accessible.

Neglecting functionality while purchasing a leather bag is like applying for a job without the necessary skill sets. You're not going to fit in.

  • Budget

Well, with High On Leather, you will find Leather Bags under $200. So, that’s a given.


It’s a genuine question that you might have. Let me clear that confusion for you also.

We produce them in India with local village craftsmen who make the greatest and most durable items at the most affordable costs. Handcrafted leather laptop bags are available at such low prices. You will also not feel bad about using leather goods.

Because our leather is a byproduct of the meat business and no animals are slaughtered for it.

FUN FACT: India is the world's second largest producer of beef and a major fan of mutton. Normally, the animal skin is sent to tanneries. No animals are slaughtered for their leather. Optimal usage of resources that will degrade regardless.

We provide you with the best handcrafted, sustainable, and affordable leather bags! In marketing jargon, that would be "Buy one, get three free." That sounds like a good bargain. Am I correct?


No, we're not referring to goat leather bags. Some of our full grain cowhide is also available for less than $200.

Choosing a leather bag that performs several functions at a reasonable cost does not negate your desire to appear fashionable. It also does not imply being happy with what you got.

Obviously, you cannot get a leather backpack when you require a leather messenger bag simply because the former is less expensive, or vice versa.

We at recognise this and have compiled a list of the finest deals under $200 for you to pick from.

Motley of designs,

A Spectrum of hides,

A Myriad of styles,

A harlequin of colors,

All available just a click away. Find your most enamored bag partner for life. If you are going to tighten the strings of your purse, why not tighten that of a leather one.

Where Leather Gets Better
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