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Leather Bags Under 100$

Leather Backpack under 100$

A 100 is extremely special, is it not? Be it a century by your favorite cricketer or a centum in Mathematics or a platinum jubilee. A 100 just creates a rhapsody. Will you trust me if I say I can make you more excited and happy in less than a 100. Want to know how? Read through.

They say you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, nor can you make a leather one. In short, leather is expensive. But it is as dear too. With a dozen bills to pay, owning a leather bag costs a pretty penny. It is considered a luxury. Finding an authentic leather bag without busting your budget is as difficult as gleaning penny by penny to buy an expensive one. Worry not! We are here to help you through this arduous task by introducing you to the most pristine leather bags at less than 100 dollars. Nope, I am neither a raconteur nor a lunatic. This is 100 percent reliable.

Leather Duffel under 100$

What can be more fulsome than being appreciated for a natty and expensive leather bag? Obviously, getting compliments for an equally natty looking and affordable bag. But you need to be vigilant and fastidious in considering a few key factors before jumping to buy a leather bag that looks as sheen as the exorbitant ones.

Beware of faux leather bags:

Don’t judge a book by its appearance. The same goes for bags too. Some leather bags look so appealing to the rods and cones in your eyes that you run to claim your dibs on it before anybody else can grab it. A crucial admonition that comes along with buying leather bags at low price is be wary of faux leather bags that are very much prevalent in market these days . If you want your bag be a humdinger, then research well and buy it at the most reliable shops that sell only genuine hide bags.

The structure, texture and color of the leather bags should be chosen prudently:

In an attempt to deliver leather bags at cheap rates, most manufacturers use faux leather or they are very reckless about the crucial stages of tanning and dying processes of leather. This causes the leather to become floppy and amorphous. They lose their natural semblance and hence their grained texture leading to a hap hazardous look. Remember, Burgundy, black and brown shades are the safest bets when it comes to full grain leather bags at less than 100$. They can make heads turn and mouths agape. Be very specific about the color, texture and structure of the leather bags, unless you want it to look shabby and impecunious.

Longevity of leather:

Leather Briefcase under 100$

Leather is renowned for its longevity and durability. It ages gracefully. Leather patina is an art in itself. While shopping for a budget leather bag, Make sure you do not compromise on this very quality of leather. Choose leather bags that can withstand the rigors of time.

Strike a balance between style and money:

Picking a leather bag that serves all purpose at a low price does not mean you sacrifice your desire to look voguish. Nor does it mean being satisfied with what you get. Obviously you can’t buy a leather backpack when you need a leather messenger bag just because the former is cheaper or vice versa.

We at highonleather.com understand this and thus have assembles a number of best buys under 100$ for you to choose from.

Motley of designs,

A Spectrum of hides,

A Myriad of styles,

A harlequin of colors,

All available just a click away. Find your most enamored bag partner for life. If you are going to tighten the strings of your purse, why not tighten that of a leather one.


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