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Leather Backpack vs Leather Shoulder Bag Vs Leather Briefcase for Camera

The best beauty and art around the world have been captured by the eyes of eminent photographers since ages.

While these special eyes have gifted the pleasure of beauty and art as well as some incredible moments for mankind to cherish eternally, one might not be aware how painstaking it is and what hard work it takes to capture that one magical moment.

Having a quick overview of the journey of an amateur to a professional photographer, cameras do vary and so do their accessories and their weights.

An average DSLR weighs around 1-2 kg while there are both lighter and heavier versions of it. Adding to this are the lenses, tripods, adapters and other accessories. Although there are compact mirrorless cameras available now, much to relieve the strained shoulders of our photographer friends but yet most like to go manual with different lenses and personal viewfinders.

Here, what makes it really crucial is the carriage, protection and maintenance of cameras to help them sustain for the longest durability. As we all know how delicate a DSLR gadget can be, and so do the expenses behind an excellent camera with its perfect lens accompaniments, we thought of giving you the options you might find useful to prepare your checklist for your favourite camera carriage and protection.

Leather briefcase for camera - your style, your statement

A leather briefcase is often chosen by professional photographers to keep up to their corporate and executive profiles. Backpacks are often found too funny or casual for official encounters while briefcases talk about character and authority. For the same reason, though they don’t offer that generous space others might do, briefcases are state-of-the-art choices and still conventionally popular among many.
The best part with briefcases is that ‘they are compact’. With just the right organizers needed to accommodate minimal accessories, you are always keeping the right and most essential one with you, while rejecting the rest.
Checklist: If you opt for briefcase as a room for your camera, then you must be really thinking of the leather build, leather quality and few other essential factors. Briefcases take a hard form and shape, so in most cases they are cow, buffalo or bison hides. Utterly strong and durable they hold the designs firmly and can easily replace the metal or fibre briefcases. They are compact yet look smart and extremely elegant. A full grain leather hide will give the perfect sheen and even a gradual tint over the years,that you would love to witness. Also as briefcases hardly expand or give you the flexible scope to increase your travel accessories, do check on the compartments and organizer pockets inside.

Leather messenger bags for camera - your time for space

Messengers add flexibility and equilibrium to both style and comfort. With a large space to accommodate the entire world inside, it sav Leather messenger bags for camera - your time for space es a lot of your time selecting among the essential and the less required things. By this, we mean, you can think of carrying your cleaning kit, tool kit, spare lenses and even your tripod inside.

Recently messengers have been the most experimented and stylish of its kind. Full grain, Top Grain, Suede, brushed, sanded or ripped- messengers are open to anything and everything. With a widerange of colour options, they can also offer you double or triple decks, straps and handles, excellent designs on the same platter. Now you can also find messengers for your camera in different sizes, fit in your mirrorless camera or even your DSLR with lenses, and laptops together.

Checklist: Once to decide on messengers, do check on the handles and straps. In most cases the body is given a careful attention, so you get an amazing full grain body, but something we really miss on is the leather kind and quality of the straps and handles. In most cases we are getting secondary leather qualities in the straps and handles, however, messengers need more attention on these two, as they are holding a lot of your camera and lappy weights. Despite a lot of space, messengers still fail to provide individual accommodation to all your trifles, accessories and etcetera(s).

Leather Backpack for camera - casual and carefree

Backpacks have received immense love and a warm welcome from most of our photographer friends. It is friendly and makes you want to pick anything and everything before you begin your delightful travelogue or photo excursions. Your hands are carefree and don’t have to reach out to mind your things every time.

Apart from that, let us talk utilitarian and about functionality and the first thing that comes to your mind is a backpack. Backpacks take all your worries away, are perfect fit when you are simply rushing out of your den, just grabbing whatever you find close. However, for camera guys it works in a different way.

A lot of cameras deal with weight, and most like to get it shared. So if you are a multi lens person, looking for a patient shot and quicker output, needing to carry your laptop and Photoshop-s all together, trust me nothing better than a backpack.

Which each of the above has its own characteristics, benefits and even challenges; people can fairly make their choices based on their preferences. Some do not like the crease from a strict messenger side-strap on their perfectly dressed shoulders, others aren’t much happy with the indefinitely messed up appearance of a over-too-casual backpack.

However, few things run common with all and must be given a careful attention to. As these are mostly used outdoor, we suggest vegetable tanned leather rather than chrome-tanned leather. Vegetable tanned leather ages history, and is obviously more time consuming.

But simultaneous they are way more resistant, highly durable and can sustain the excessive wear that photographers expose themselves to. Distant locations, extensive travel, unwarranted use of a professional picture-box-carriage is something you may not be able to avoid, but an assured and durable, eco-friendly leather is something you might not want to miss.

Also, for the rugged usage we are more likely to suggest a thick skin rather than a finer, thinner skin.

Also look for suede, soft yet strong frames inside the bag or briefcase to support and comfort your expensive frames. Last but not the least learn a classic distinction between faux and genuine leather to help you choose a PERFECTLY PURE, GENUINE LEATHER CASE FOR YOUR CAMERA!

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