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11 Durable Antique Leather Bags For Men!

Antique Leather Bags

What are the things you look for in Antique Leather Bags? Is it the design? Or perhaps, is it the material? But of course, what can you expect from a durable leather bag if it doesn’t have style and comfort?

Antique leather bags, wow! Those two words carry a lot of weight. They’re classic, old-fashioned…and yes, even a little nostalgic.

In a more literary sense, Antique leather bags are a part of luxury fashion. These bags are developed from the vintage bags of many centuries back. Different bags have been developed from those times following the alternation in fashion and approach to lifestyle. Antique leather is a material that ages with time and acquires a tremendous significance with time.

Welcome to change your style with antique leather! Here we demonstrate 8 sorts of durable antique leather bags for men that will meet the demand of all the fashionable bag users for this year.

What makes leather bags antique?

There are several reasons why people think that leather bags are antique.

  • First reason is that an antique bag is something someone has owned and used for a long time without any sign of wear and tear
  • Second reason for thinking so is due to the methods and material of making the bag. Ancient bags were generally handmade, unlike today we have machines which do most of the work
  • Thirdly, due to these factors they generally appear like crafted 100 years ago, when textile industry had come into existence, thus the appearance of such bags represents antiquity in their conditions
  • Finally, the main cause of the degradation of leather is the accumulation of acidic material in the leather pores, due to inappropriate storage of leather goods. The acid makes its way to the top, causing the fine blemishes called 'acid damage'.

Leather does not just look antique. It also feels antique, smells antique and even tastes antique. Leather is much aged than plastic or any other material.

You can really feel the oldness of leather when you touch it. The smell of leather comes much deeper than any other smell.

When you smell something you can recognize its smell much deeper than anything else.

When you taste something, its taste remains in your mouth for a long time. It gives the authentic flavor to the food that makes it different from various tastes that are experienced during life like lemon, volta, grapefruit etc.

Why do people love antique leather bags?

I really like vintage bags. They look very distinct and different from general bags, and their vintage look gives an unexpected, unique charm to the person that carries it.

Vintage leather goods are the best, they are built to last for generations, they hardly wear out but when they do they become very beautiful in its own way. A vintage leather bag of any type is your signature. It tells your story, it is more than just a normal bag. Once you start carrying one you never wanna go back

Most importantly, there is a certain level of honesty in artisanship which you do not get when you buy contemporary things.

8 durable antique leather bags for men

You must be telling, enough of the teasers and trailers, we want the full show of these elegant and vintage leather bags! Well, here is the list that we have curated for you.


Antique Leather Laptop Bag

The Brand New VINTAGE Brown Leather 15" Messenger Bag - Made from high-quality goat skin leather and fashion brown colour, this little gem is a perfect travel companion. It is the perfect everyday bag for work, travel, school, or just running around town! This messenger bag has 1 adjustable strap that gives it a classy look yet still has the functionality of a messenger bag. It is big enough to store all of your business essentials for work or school.' It has three internal compartments and comes with two zipped pockets and one spacious main compartment.

Voila! You can definitely carry your 15” laptops along with notebooks or books in this bag! All sorted for work as well as leisure.



Made up of goat leather, it's water-resistant and makes it an all-weather bag, so you don’t have to worry before taking your camera out for a perfect shot. With padded velvet lining for camera and lens protection, this bag is the perfect carry case. This camera bag comes with a wrist strap, which makes carrying easy and allows you to access your camera easily at any point in time.

This Leather Camera bag is the best buddy of any passionate photographer.



This vintage hand crafted leather camera bag has an old and vintage look and can be used as a daily use bag for taking all your essentials with you. The vintage look makes it stand out among other bags and is also comfortable to carry made of premium quality soft leather.

An ideal support for your cameras and lenses, this large camera bag is made of leather and velvet lining, which is water-resistant and protects your gear from dust. It has a top handle and side hand carrying straps that makes it easy to carry around.


Antique Leather Satchel

The Large Leather Satchel is a handmade leather satchel idler bag for storing your laptop, 17" inch laptop case and other essentials. It is made by craftsmen, who carry on the tradition of crafting leather for decades. Constructed from the best quality vegetable tanned goat leather, this durable satchel will serve you for years to come. This large shoulder bag includes adjustable and detachable shoulder strap and fully-lined interior with two big compartments.

No matter what the occasion, our Large Leather Satchel is unrivalled in its ability to house your laptop, files and all your accessories. It even features an external pocket for space to hold travel documents.


Antique Leather Backpack Women

From the rustic mountain tops to the ancient ruins, the leather hiking backpack is an organic piece of timelessness. It is not only perfect for hikers but also for everyday use as it is made from cowhide, which is a premium quality leather.

It features three external side pockets, two inside front side pockets, an interior walled zipper pocket that accommodates all your essentials, one large main compartment with heavy duty zippers, an external topside leather hiking bag handle, adjustable shoulder straps for added comfort, and a fashionable distressed finish to complement each individual's taste.


Antique Leather Backpack

Our leather backpack is made from only the highest quality materials. It's sleek and unique design allows for storage of almost anything, as well as a laptop sleeve which fits up to a 15". Unfold the large front pocket into a padded area for your laptop or whatever other electronic you need accessible. The long shoulder straps have a shoulder pad so carrying it around all day won't leave you feeling rough at the end of it.

The design also minimizes the use of extra materials, creating a modern and minimalist look that will add a touch of uniqueness to any outfit, whether you're heading to the office or travelling around the world. This leather backpack is meant to last for years, with quality materials and workmanship. And it is waterproof!


Antique Leather Duffle

Our top duffel bag goes anywhere, and with its adjustable shoulder strap, it can go carried on your shoulder or across your body. With a soft, smooth goat leather exterior and a hard, durable drummed hide interior, our most versatile leather duffle bag is made to last. Attention to detail and durability is what we're known for around here.

It's the perfect companion for your business trips, leisure getaways or daily life. With padded-back and leather-padded handles, it's durable and sure to impress with over-the-top style.


Antique Leather Duffel Bag

Unzip our Leather Gym Duffel Bag and you will see the roomy interior that carries your fighting gear, workout accessories, and other stuff. The Goat leather has a distinct rough-out texture, which is different from our smooth leather.

Due to the natural characteristics of the leather, your carryall may have some markings or scars that are unique to its origin, or characteristic of its vintage treasure.

The shoulder strap and cam buckle make it easier to carry and remove. And it is not only for the gym; you can use our duffel bag for traveling, camping, or other trips as well to hold anything you need.

9. Brown Foldover Leather Backpack

Rustic Leather Backpack

This timeless beauty will make sure you splurge more this time. This distressed-looking foldover is so catchy that it won't go out of style. The leather finish is very high-quality and very easy to maintain.

This leather bag is handmade and features various compartments which are very easy to access and reliable. Overall if you are looking for a durable yet chic product this is the perfect one.

10. Handmade Leather Briefcase

Handmade Antique Leather Bags

The color is what makes you want these bags even more. The light brown color on this bag has got so many customers of ours crazy behind it. This timeless beauty will look even better as it will age over time.

The compartments are very accessible and easy to use. The structure of this bag is solid and very lightweight. If you really want to step up your. Looks in office do opt for this one.

11. Binson Leather Duffel

Binson Duffel Antique Leather

Super classy looking with the elegant touch of handmade artistry over this artifice is just another level of beauty. This duffel bag can be your go-to for every occasion. From small travelings to meetings where you want to travel with class.

The compartments are very accessible and the zippers are very smooth. Overall if you are looking for a luxurious leather good that will turn your fashion game up, this leather duffel can do the magic for you.

Whether you use it as your man bag or an accessory, personalize it with your style and enjoy the benefits of Genuine Leather throughout your lifetime!

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