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Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas for Men Under 150$

by Ishmeet Singh September 20, 2019 3 min read

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Christmas, is of course The Christmas!! The fest you’ve waited for a whole long year, and only a few days to go for another, must sound as interesting. To make this special season more special to your family and friends we bring you something subtle yet extravagant, elegant but reasonable, something everlasting to accompany your love forever.

Leather, as good as we have built it so far, is a brand in itself and real skin has always metamorphosed style, taste with the best of human choices. However, when it comes to giving your special ones a present that they will cherish for life, you would probably be thinking of the best gifts possible, yet not exceeding your budget.

The checklist below certainly includes one that you feel your loved one must have in their closets.

  1. Leather Messenger Bags

Messenger Bag

This is one must-have nowadays irrespective of gender or taste. Be it the working class or the college-goers, this is what anyone loves to own and carry.

For your man, a brawny cowhide full grain is something he will never forget, and will comfort him in all his hustles lifelong. You may look for some additional features to make it a more perfect buy, like an adjustable shoulder strap, internal pockets, and outer-zipper pockets to accommodate all his essentials, neat and tidy. Forget not, to choose by darker brown shades with a tint of beautiful patina on it. High On Leather broad collection of Messenger bags start from a range of $92 only.

You may also replace your choice with a cross-body I-pad bag for the ‘man at work’. This trendy and stylish leather piece is meant to set all eyes upfront. With high-quality metal zippers, and fabric inner lining in each of the designer pieces, you can surely make this Christmas highly special. Checkout more of Messenger collection here.

  1. Leather Backpacks

Leather Backpack

A backpack is a seldom choice when it comes to pure leather, and trust me, this is why it is still one of the secluded and unique choices you can choose for a present just out of the box.

Backpacks serve, to carry laptops, for travel, and even a casual roaming around, but leather has never shown this flexibility with a backpack. HighOnLeather.com bring the humongous choices in the amazing make and beautiful design of leather.

Travel with a leather backpack can make the best out of the adventure trips or a mountain trek one can plan. Our travel backpacks are made out of genuine and strong goat leather that calls for its flexibility and yet is sturdy enough to support and accommodate all items you may require during the journey. Having deep pockets for each, additional side and front pockets, these backpacks range between 16” to 20” and you may get this one for a present in one $100-$120. Checkout more backpack collection here.

  1. Leather Travel Duffel

Leather Duffel bags

Here is the best present you may surprise your loved one with if he loves travelling. Any amazing travel is incomplete without an elite and good looking travel bag, and when you have a leather duffel from High On Leather and, nothing like it. A leather duffel, now comes in many styles and designs and gives you ample scope to choose between the best available options. Checkout more duffel collection here.

  1. Wash Bags

This is a new member in the list, when it comes to leather. Toiletry bags have always been a composite part of the luggage or travel bag for ages. However, the best essence and quality of genuine leather has transformed its modern usage to the collective storage for toiletries and other travel essentials. Wash bags, that we call them come with essential wrist wraps, quality zippers and accessories and is available in 100% full grain leather. A vintage brown wash bag can be a part of any travel that your person will plan in his or her coming days.

High on Leather has any kind of range and presents, you may possible think of in leather. Our expert team is constantly working hard to bring you the latest and best designs enamoured with love and affection that will bring you a grand Christmas her.

Where Leather Gets Better

Ishmeet Singh
Ishmeet Singh

Karan Singh, AKA Seo Singh, is a Podcaster, Content Marketer, and SEO Consultant with 10+ years of experience. He also runs a content marketing agency and actively invests in Gyms, Salons, and E-commerce stores. Checkout more on https://seosingh.in/

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