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To Leather bags, with Love

Humans have had a love affair with leather, since, the first animals were hunted. How did we learn to work leather is a mystery, but it is agreed that the early humans made clothes out of hunted animal skins. This has been rather ludicrously promoted in popular media. Most cartoons, films, and even documentaries present early humans as bent figures wearing leather hides of exotic nature, such as lions, leopards, and tigers. Despite doubts against the authenticity of this historical information, it can be safely assumed that the early humans would have loved the leather products of today.

Some would argue here that hide is hardly comparable to leather, as leather is a much refined product compared to hide. However, to these smart people we would point out that all hides count as leather, whereas, the same is not true if the comparison is reversed.  Others would deem to portray our ancestors as vegetable loving vegans who never hunted animals and coexisted peacefully with nature. To their feeble attempts at subversion, we say “gobbledygook”. So, with these arguments we have undeniably and incontrovertibly established the love of humans for leather. Now dear readers, let us list some of the reasons why we love leather and especially leather bags.

Mirror Neurons                                                                       

Humans, like monkeys, have been the subject of mirror neurons debate. Simply stated it means, we do things when we see others doing things. This leads to the popular pseudo-scientific theory that humans love leather bags because our ancestors loved leather bags. Each successive generation saw the earlier one indulging in an inexplicable love for dead animal skin, and followed suit. Dubious as it sounds, to test this you simply have to look at your own idiosyncrasies and just ask yourself: where did they come from?


It is rather irrefutable that anything in leather looks far more stylish when compared to other fabrics. There is this grace that is absent from all other materials, especially non-natural ones. Not only are bags made of leather stylish, but they are always in style as well. This is a claim which can be made by very few items in the ever changing world of fashion.


Leather is a tough and durable material and so are bags made out of it. Unless slashed by a very sharp object, it can last a lifetime. Perhaps you doubt our assertion, however, let us assure you we are correct. Just consider this fact: it was used as armor in times of war. If a person can trust his life to leather, we are sure that personal belongings should be much easier. You should also consider leather harnesses for horses, the loads that they carry are on the heavier side.


Cost Effective

With this you may think us a bit loony, but we will explain. Its cost effectiveness may seem a fallacy when comparing prices with other materials. However, the tables are turned when the more suitable criteria of cost per year is applied. Good leather will last at least 10 years, unless you abuse it. It can last a lifetime as well, but that would not do for calculations. So a good leather duffel bag will cost you about $200, whereas, other bags can be bought for $50. But the life of these bags is limited to a maximum of 2 years on heave use. So they will cost you $25/year and you will then have to replace them with another. Compare it to a minimum life of 10 years for leather and we come to $20/year. But we assure you that the leather one will last much longer and hence in reality will cost even less per year.

Some others

Leather bags are environment friendly, because they come from a natural renewable resource. They are easy to clean and are naturally resistant to dust mites and fungus. They are also water proof and will keep all items safe in rain. And it is easy to repair, in case it becomes damaged. If you own a leather product that needs repairing, we suggest that you search for a leather repair kit on Groupon.

                We hope that this whimsical piece of writing has convinced you to go for the leather products that we love. And to leather we say this:

Dear Leather,

                We have had such a nice relationship over the centuries, so would you please ask your manufacturers to stop cutting our pockets, so we can continue this admirable co-existence amicably.

Yours Sincerely,

Every Leather Lover

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Ishmeet Singh
Ishmeet Singh


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