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Leather Bags Vs. Nylon Bags

Would you go on a vacation with a leather bag or Nylon bag? The finished products or both type of bags look very good but you must first consider your needs. Let’s take a quick look at these types of bags.

A quick Look at Leather Bags

Leather in its most basic form is made from the hide of an animal. On processing the hide, they are well cleaned to remove hair and debris after which a chemical process is used stretched and tan the hide. The end product can either be a soft leather (mostly used for fashion), hard (travel) or suede. Leather bags are quite strong and durable. With a good finishing touch, these bags are highly fashionable.

A quick look at Nylon Bags

Known for its flexibility in manufacturing all sought of products from travel bags to wallets, these bags are man-made using polymers as material. Relatively cost effective, it comes in all forms and colours and quite suitable for less strenuous use.

What makes Nylon bags so cool and Leather bags cooler?

Ok people; let’s take a deep dive into the awesome advantages of leather bags:

  1. Strong and resistant is one of the coolest advantages of leather bags. Say good bye to scrapes and scratches. Your bag will last longer and withstand tougher conditions that nylon bags won’t even dream of (so sad :( ).
  2. Provides extra protection for the contents in the bag that nylon does not.
  3. Leather bags also create the right balance between style and practicality due to its low cost, and will not go out of fashion (at least not any time soon :)).
  1. Sharp Objects don’t stand a chance with leather bags. Now for those of us, who travel around with sharp objects; don’t take a second look at a nylon bag even if it’s sold for 5 cents.
  1. Nylon bag are less expensive when compared to a leather bag.
  1. Unfortunately, nylon bags of low quality most times don’t have high or strong quality zips, bag handles or pockets.
  1. The cost of repairing a nylon bag when they break is in most times not worth it. Leathers bags can easily be fixed with less effect on the initial quality. Just fix, polish and enjoy your bag.

Last words on words bags

Ensure you use suitable conditioners on a regular basis to nourish the leather. Always test out the conditioner on a small hidden spot to see its effect before applying on the general surface.

Ok people, when planning your next vacation it’s important you consider the travel needs and choose your bag wisely. I find leather bags to be quite suitable for my travel and domestic needs, and yes I do have one brown leather bag which has lasted for five years and still counting.

You have a question?

Yes author! Where can I get some cool leather bags for my next summer vacation? 

Well check out High On Leather, which is the biggest marketplace for leather bags in all kind of price range.



Leather Bags vs. Nylon Bag

Where Leather Gets Better

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