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Back To College, Bag To College

Time to Seconds: 3 Minutes

Time to bid farewell to the leisurely vacation, time to get back to the tedious college schedules, hence time for pre-college shopping. Yippee!!! Nothing is more joyous than flaunting new shoes, clothes and bags in college. As much fun it can be, it leaves us all floundering on selecting the best of all that is available in the market. The greatest of all confusions is in purchasing a bag to college as it is a quotidian part of college.

Tired of searching for your ideal bag in the summer rushes? What if I say all the qualities that you seek in your college bag can be found in just a touch away? Trust me, you can.

The primitive quality that any college bag should possess is it’s durability as it needs to be carried every day. Leather bag will be your most trusted companion. Be it summer, monsoons or winter, it says...”you can count on me like 1..2..3.. ,and I will be there”:P


Leather College Bag

Heavy books are part and parcel of your college life. Leather bags are strong; they free you of your heavy burden :p. Markedly the leather back packs. They distribute the load evenly and thus keep you away from having a stooped back while carrying your books. Thus leather bags accomplishes everything that Horlicks can achieve i.e., it makes you “taller, stronger, sharper” :p and even more. It is trendy, graceful, and chic. It will not be wrong to call a leather backpack a chameleon, as it camouflages to cool on tomboys and to hot otherwise. Same with the colour brown –it cannot be categorized as cool or hot. So a brown-leather backpack is a match made in heaven. Check out more about Leather Women's Backpack.


So you want a best friend who can accompany you everywhere, be it a restaurant with your mates or university classes or commuting, all you need is a convertible leather backpack purse. It is very handy, comfortable and spacious to fit in all your needs. It is a “mutant”, being a convertible leather bag ,it can be transformed to the desired form in less than a minute . Also they are available in different colours, style and dimensions. Isn’t it an epitome of evolution?: P Grab this brown hide mutant ASAP :


Leather College Tote

Carrying tote bags to college is the new trend. They are very comfortable and convenient functional accessory. But, they say fashion is to go ahead. So let’s set a trend, instead of following the old ones. How about LEATHER TOTE BAGS!? It comes with an added advantage of being long-lasting than the jute tote bags. Sounds brilliant right? It looks brilliant too. Curious?? Then check more about this brown cowhide leather tote and make this big brown beauty yours:


Brown Leather Tote

So are you always late to wake up and so in a hurry you have no time to place your things in order in your bag every morning. All you need is to just stuff all your things in a hobo bag and escape the door. Additionally, the bucket leather bag has a “cute, cool and composed” appearance, so will you when you hang this bag over you. HURRY UP, you need this leather hobo bag to HURRY UP:

I Hope that a promised in the beginning every college girl got the ideal bag that you want to carry this semester. Good luck for your college ..girls! Cheers!

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