5 Type of Bags That Will Make You Look Stylish In Your Office

by Ishmeet Singh March 10, 2015 3 min read

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Although it is true that at the workplace, things go formal and clothes and other accessories are not exceptions too. But as fashion and trends have a place for everything, even the formal wear have their own styles. Be it your three piece suit or simple shirts, a small signature pen or a nice briefcase; everything has a style and each item you carry along can make or ruin your style. Here in this article I shall talk on the genuine leather satchel briefcases and different kinds of leather briefcases which, if you carry at your workplace can give you a hero image.

There are many brands that offer a lot good briefcases to be carried into office. One such brand is High On Leather. The brand has the monopoly in the market by keeping a large variety of leather bags. Whether you want a bag of goat leather or of genuine leather; a vintage bag or a satchel you will get all the choices on its website or any departmental store. These bags are available with most of the leather bag wholesalers and drop shippers. Below are the brief for a few good, trendy briefcases:

Black Leather Briefcase 15”

This leather satchel bag is designed in such a way that it keeps the belongings safe. It is a men’s vintage satchel bag which is prepared with a relaxed feel which makes it ideal for everyday use. This genuine leather bag features adjustable leather shoulder strap, top zip closure, 2 zippered pockets in the internal walls of the bag, and 3 internal compartments.

Brown Leather Satchel 15"

This is yet another fantastic leather satchel designed for men and women both which is handcrafted from the finest quality of leather to provide you the best handmade bag of your thoughts. This is a marvellous piece that can bound people to keep gazing at you.

Brown Leather Messenger 15 Inch

Brown Leather Office Messenger

This a classic leather messenger crafted out of vintage leather with an attractive grained finish. Along with an attractive and modern shape, this hand crafted briefcase is featured with zippered pockets, multiple large pockets. It is suitable for men and women both.

Saddle Leather Briefcase For Men

Saddle Leather Briefcase

This is a briefcase cum a laptop bag made of genuine saddle leather which is quite famous for lasting ages. This bag will give you a perfect way to systematize your things with style. This bag will provide you a wonderful style to lift your look up. This Saddle Leather bag is for people who love to invest in long lasting durable products as this bag is gonna last for 100 years and your kids will be fighting over it. It is totally worth the price.

Luxury Leather Briefcase 15 Inch

Luxury Leather Office Bags

Another excellent creation is this pure leather bag with a little more space and retro look which makes it the highest selling bag from highonleather.com. It is a stylish option for an everyday tote. It is inspired from old classic vintage brown leather bags and it is ideal for girls who want it for practical use. The luxury laptop bag can comfortably accommodate any laptop which makes it a viable option amongst all handmade leather bags.

High On Leather

Where Leather Gets Better

Ishmeet Singh
Ishmeet Singh

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