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10 Questions you should ask before buying leather bags online

Leather Bags online

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You have surely been through the busiest days when one of your most regular websites suddenly pops up with a new brand you have never noticed before! You are going to explore for sure, but as one among them is gently getting your attention, slipping through your spine and passes right through your heart to the bottom of your stomach, there! You have already made the purchase, only to end up disappointed with either the quality or their services.

To be honest, leather is something you are craving to ‘feel’ on your fingers and when that doesn’t happen, the most obvious outcome is a bad buy! So, here we are going to make it very easy and helpful for you to make an instant purchase next time and also equip you with all information that you need to check with every time you think of buying through a not-so-common online store.

The ten things you need to ask before you buy a leather piece online:

  1. Brand or Product Authenticity

With new brands cropping up every day, it is very difficult to restrain yourself from trying new ones, with each focusing on certain exclusive features, competitive rates and cheaper discounts. So in case you come across a brand online, that you have never heard of, the best thing you do before you fall into a trap is to check with the brand itself. You may search more information about the brand owner, the company authenticity, its location from its very own website. Nowadays, you will find various brands with no website, or official address and no brand registration. These are mostly traders who taking maximum benefit of the network expanse, create an online presence of their own. So once experience

  1. Product Range and Features

Leather Bags Online

The next thing you check out is the complete range of products they offer. When we talk of the product range, we mean you may have good variable choices in every price range. Sellers nowadays generalize the product rate into a similar range, but in case of leather, a range may amply vary due to the leather type or quality and the prices vary accordingly. When we come to features, authentic sellers online will acquaint you with every minute detail of the product with large zoomed in images at every angle. So in case you just find a small pixelated photograph and no particular image or details of the interior, the accessories or even about the leather quality and maintenance, beware! You might have landed onto a fake website.

  1. Price validation

In case you are a frequent leather buyer, price is at your fingertips. But in case you are not, you may check with various brands, and the leather types that largely determine your bag prices. Although it’s very difficult to differentiate between genuine leather or a fake leather at just an online image view of the product, unless you check with the grains, the stretch, the patina by physically touching the product, a complete knowledge will help you a lot in taking a closer look at the product and validating the product yourself. A faux leather is fake leather which will resemble a leather in an exact way you want your purse to look like and may only cost you half of your old leather bag, whereas a full grain leather

may just look dull and old, but might be one of the most genuine exclusive pieces, and thus will cost you a gem.

4. Return Policy

This is something really important in case you are planning to buy leather online. There are different concerns that get registered on different forums every day, which complain that the products delivered are totally different from the one displayed or are paid for. Even you might the same product, the hidden stitches, the accessories or even the leather quality might be of concern to you once you are holding the product, and you might just want your money back. So before you make a buy from any of the unknown stores online, you should be thorough with their disclaimer, their delivery schedule and return policies in detail.

5. Customer Satisfaction Rate

Most of the startups nowadays are being popular because they maintain a strict transparency positioning reviews of all customers on their pages. This plays a dual role of informing customers about the popularity of the products by directly providing the ratings and also giving real time updates about goods received, quality of goods, packaging details and at times images of received goods. Highly popular sellers pages have higher number of ratings and an increasing traffic. Products where you find no rating or no reviews at all should better be avoided.

6. Helpdesk details

Authentic sellers don’t miss an opportunity to offer their customers the most convenient way to reach out to them for different feedbacks, queries or concerns. So if your seller values you as a customer, it will leave you a way to trace them when you are in need. So if you want to avoid the hassles of being shuffled between desks and inboxes and calls, we suggest you make a note of the helpdesk or customer service numbers .

7. Mode of payment

When it comes to buying online, this is the most sensitive step. Feeding and leaving out traces of your transaction details might be a new hack for any fraud store online. Also if you don’t want a ride on your hard-earned wallet, you may prefer cash-on-delivery for your chosen product. International shipments are often time-consuming. So in case you don’t want to spend a month waiting and speculating where your shipment might be selling across, you better don’t lock your cash in the idea. Paying at the time of delivery will just give you some relaxation on the financial aspect.

8. Packaging

Packaging is very important for any product you buy online. Although, leather is considered to withstand the toughest wear and tear, but the hard-handling that your product endures throughout the supply chain will enjoy some shock resistance with quality packaging. Good sellers will always be careful and concerned about the packaging they provide to their customers, and often spend a lot to offer attractive 

packaging. So this should be a part of your checklist when you begin to choose an online partner for your leather items.

9. Legal Terms

What if you never get the products you ordered? What if the money you paid just got deducted and the order still not accepted? What if your ordered amount is large enough to make you run after the seller for ages. So, along with disclaimer and the website policies, the legal term if any, indicated in the channel should also be clear. Many of the sellers also upload unauthorised items and carry no license, which official would be an illegal transaction. So under all the circumstances, reading about the terms and conditions will save you from a lot of hassles.

10. Turn-around time

This is the easiest way to check the service quality of the sellers. In case you are wondering about any after-sales credibility, you may perform a pre-sales check by sending an enquiry or lodging a casual complaint on their website. If you find a strong team following up with your case, or get an immediate call to resolve your concern, you may be relieved to some extent so as to make your buy with confidence.


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George Downey

December 26, 2019

Beautiful and great quality looking bags.

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Good things to do before you buy. Lots of information.

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