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April 05, 2021


6 Best Leather Backpacks for Men 2021.

With Covid19 vaccination rolling out, you must be eager to step out of your house for that ‘long awaited’ vacation, college or office visit. And why don’t you do it in style? I am sure you must have your shopping mode on!  All new sets of clothes, shoes etc… Why not a new bag? View full article →

5 Patent Free Leather Messenger Bags!

The patent free leather messenger bags are, as the name suggests, patent free! They do not have any design or patent on the leather. Just solid color and pure leather! These pattern free leather bags have become the dawn to the leather messenger bag fashion industry as it is now considered to be one of the classiest ways to carry your leather bag. 

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Cowhide is the real, unbleached hair and skin of a cow. It holds on to the natural coloring of the animal. Cowhide is the byproduct of the meat and beef industry. It is often processed into leather. Now often this leather is used in making shoes, wallets, bags, leather jackets, belts, etc.

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10 Questions About Goat Leather Answered

All about goat leather

Goat leather, also known as Morocco leather is popular among people because of its mildness, strength and lightweight. The natural attributes of goat leather are that it is very soft and supple and can be water resistant. Goat skin is widely used in the fashion industry these days to make gloves, shoes and other important items. 

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9 Questions About Buffalo Leather Answered

buffalo leather questions 


Buffalo leather also called English Saddle Leather, is made by tanning the hides of the 74 species of domestic buffalo. It is domesticated in India and other parts of the world and is used to pull the ploughs and carts in India.  In the present day, there is a population of 194 million domesticated buffalo globally, out of which 97% are reared in Asia. The reason behind the huge demand of buffaloes is also because it gives more milk than cows.

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Which One Is The Best Men’s Leather Crossbody Shoulder Bag?

Best Men’s Leather Crossbody Shoulder Bag

Choosing the best crossbody shoulder bag can be a difficult decision for many. Especially men’s ones as usually most of them look boring and lowkey not something to exactly be called ‘fashionable’. However, in the world of luxury and beauty, and style icons, we’ve come up with the best of crossbody bags for you to choose from.

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