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Leather Backpack vs Leather Shoulder Bag Vs Leather Briefcase for Camera

October 06, 2020

The best beauty and art around the world have been captured by the eyes of eminent photographers since ages. While these special eyes have gifted the pleasure of beauty and art as well as some incredible moments for mankind to cherish eternally, one might not be aware how painstaking it is and what hard work it takes to capture that one magical moment. Having a quick overview of the journey of an amateur to a professional photographer, cameras do vary and so do their accessories and their weights. An average DSLR weighs around 1-2 kg while there are both lighter and heavier versions of it. Adding to this are the lenses, tripods, adapters and other accessories. Although there are compact... Continue Reading →

8 best leather messenger bag for MacBook 13” and 15”

September 14, 2020

With Mac books people have set their eyes, sights and minds upon a benchmark, getting thinner with time. The amazingly synchronized applications, optimized functionality, a dedicated team at your service 24X7, and also the fact that you can work online even when you are offline, are making Macs increasingly popular among the masses. And that is what made us think upon an equally trendy ‘safe-pack’ to flaunt the mac books our customers hold so dear to themselves. Let us take a quick glance at the best leather bag options for your MacBooks...

What kind of leather is best for making boots?

September 14, 2020

Boots for men
Nothing gives you the touch and feel of pure leather as much as wearing it. And when it comes to wearing leather, as the real animal hide dramatically covers your body, shoes have always topped the list. The actual strength and durability of leather is put to test, with the tireless tramping, treading and rushing of a million feet we get to see around. And, leather, never complains. The idea of putting leather to cover the busiest part of your body was probably believing this fact and having an unsurpassable faith on the solidarity of genuine hide. Know more about different types of leather boots...

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