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Leather Backpacks: Misconceptions You Should Never Believe!

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This world is full of myths and misconceptions, be it any field. Some of the misconceptions are backed by superstitions, some are by bad experiences of others and some are just because of misunderstanding. Whatever the reason maybe, these myths hold us and sit in our mind for years, Until and unless you are enlightened to the truth by some trustworthy source. We have listed few top misconceptions about the leather backpacks for men which hold you from owning one despite the love you have for them. Here we go:


Dark Brown Leather Backpack

  1. Leather Backpacks are super heavy-

    No they are not, leather bags go through a process called tanning through which gives them a soft touch with light weight. Most of the celebrities actually love leather backpacks because they are lightweight and they have so much of stuff to carry all over the world which already weighs a lot. If anyhow you have encountered a heavy leather bag then my dear it’s not a genuine leather bag. Beware, because later on, you will say Ouch!!



Leather Backpack straps

  1. The small size of straps would not be able to take weight-

    Again a myth, everything in a leather backpack is made up of the same material. So, if you trust the bag to be strong then this means you are putting on trust on straps also. The leather manufacturing companies give attention to straps also and not to just the body of the bag as straps are the first bearers of the weight, because of that there are three layers of leather just on straps. So next time you doubt the straps, just remember that straps have three layers.
  1. It will not last longer if used on daily basis-

    We don’t from where does this myth came from but it doesn’t hold any truth. Just like you adjust, the leather bags also do adjust but they don’t give up. Leather backpacks are actually meant to be used daily as they are tough and not fragile like other material bags. The full grain leather bags are tanned with high-grade oils and preservatives which give a life of 30-40 years. So never worry about leather bags as they are always used by two generations.



Amazing Leather Backpack

  1. It is not good for your back-

    The material “Leather” has nothing to do with it. It all depends on the type of the bag, messenger bags and crossbody bags are not good when you are carrying heavy weight in them like laptops and its accessories. The perfect way to carry heavy stuff is to carry it in a backpack. In a nutshell, if you are experienced back pain or shoulder pain, it is because of the wrong choice of bag you are carrying and not because of the leather bags. You see, they are innocent. :P
  1. Leather Bags are not Waterproof/Weatherproof-

    This myth stands next to impossible, leather bags are tanned and waxed just to be tough enough to stand against any weather. There’s no doubt that genuine leather bags can stand both strong direct sunlight and rain, cracks are never formed in the leather bags, genuine leather bags.


Hope we are able to burst some of the misconceptions about leather bags. They are incredibly stylish plus tough and gel up with every fashion. Never ever trust on any misconceptions about leather backpacks as they are a gift to mankind. Flaunt your leather bag with style and if you don’t owe one, we have given you few reasons to have one.


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Leather handbags are the best choice to be made if the quality is the main concern because of its sturdiness and durability.


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Hi really this blog is very informative. Actually i use to buy leather bags and leather products.but i got some more valid information about leather bags

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