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In my shoes


"One of the best leather bags designs I have came across"


The cherry is on my cake

"100% leather and with a vintage touch, ideal for carrying your laptop"



Best Leather Duffel bags

"Their products are packed very securely, maintaining their precise standards."



Shesagent leather bag 

"I'd say I'm pretty much ready to conquer holiday travel in style!"



 Rebates Zone

"One of the Best and Long Lasting Gift Ideas of the Year for Christmas"



Men's Style Pro

"The tri-color tan leather is beautiful and will age extremely well"



Best Leather Bags

"If you like leather products but often find the prices too high, this is a vendor you ought to check out. I’ve reviewed little wallets that cost more than High On Leather’s Bags"  



Bags to Wear

"Absolutely chuffed when discovering new handbag ventures worth spreading the word about!"



How to quit working Ishmeet

"An online marketplace for 100% leather goods"



Interview With Jiggy on IHeart Radio USA 


Bags Lounge

"One of the best dropshipper and wholesalers for Leather Bags"



The Blog Coverage

"If you have a product that has an amazing reputation, is a quality product and is in demand then its smooth sailing."